The Cats of an Ancient City

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Sorry, I think it's boring. It's 2/3 travelogue about Istanbul which is a fascinating city, and 1/3 pics of cats being cats. Turkish cats are no different from American cats. I thot there might be some narration describing the problems and solutions. Regret having wasted one credit on ...Read more

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Loved the movie but I hope they neuter and spade eventually.

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Deserved every award it received and more! Not only an amazing documentary about cats, but a thoughtful look at Istanbul, its future and that of its feline and human citizens. Absolutely splendid photography and editing!

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Is there closed captions in English? It doesn't show any on my IMAC: am I missing something?

Anonymous picture

When you hover over the play button a bar appears, on the far right there is a tiny white box with the letter CC. Hover or click on that and options will come up for closed captioning in English.

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Thank you, Jessica! I saw this on another try so i was able to view and greatly enjoy ( as a passionate cat lover) this lovely documentary. Juanita

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A very sweet and decently enjoyable watch. If you're a cat person like me, it's worth the 80 or so minutes of your time that it is.

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Loved this. Relaxing to watch. Check it out if you saw the trailer and liked it! (I want to visit Istanbul now!)

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Most adorable kitties ever. Loved this doc so much!

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This was very pleasant to watch. It really captures the unique personalities of these 7 cool cats and the culturally rich streets of Instanbul.

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I really enjoyed this beautiful and heartwarming film about cats in Istanbul and their relationships with the humans who love them. Thank you kanopy for sharing this film!

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If you are animal lover this is a delight !!

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My comment is a bit of a spoiler, so if you haven't seen the movie yet - you may want to skip this. I think this film was not just a documentary, but also a historical and cultural record. Part of the message of the film (aside from all the splendid felines and feline ambassadors!) was ...Read more

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I loved the relationships between cat and people seen here. With their antics and beauty, the cats were mesmerizing. Plus the drone shots of Istanbul were gorgeous.

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Loved this!

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Our cat Marco, would love this if he had time to watch. He just so busy being a cat.

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Anh VU

Showed this at a meeting and everyone loved it!

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Absolutely enchanting doc about some of the most magical creatures roaming the earth. The cinematography is excellent and fully reflects the heart of the film. There's definitely has a sense of spirituality that is refreshing and cathartic!

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Cats are the best... I smiled through the entire doc!

Anonymous picture

Me too!

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Kedi is fantastic. As someone who isn't necessarily a cat person, this was an intriguing and enticing watch.

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