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A Girl & A Gun - American Women and Their Guns
A Late Style of Fire - Larry Levis, American Poet
Ave Maria
Bacon & God's Wrath - A Jewish Woman Tastes Bacon for the First Time
Banking on Bitcoin - How a Cyber-Currency is Disrupting the Economy
Barge - A Personal Look into the Boating Industry in New Orleans
Becoming More Visible - Young Transgender Adults on a Journey to Become More Visible
Fly Me to Minami - Koi suru minami
For the Love of Spock - The Life of Star Trek's Leonard Nimoy
Forbidden - Gay and Undocumented, Moises Serrano Fights for Justice
From Flint: Voices of a Poisoned City - Investigating the Michigan Water Crisis
Gabi on the Roof in July
Hungry for Change - Your Health Is In Your Hands
Killing Ed - An Expose of a Charter School Network
The Lost City (La Ciudad Perdida) - A Mysterious Ancient City in Chile
Letters to Angola (Cartas Para Angola) - Personal Stories from Brazil and Angola
Liars, Fires And Bears
Mariam - A Young Muslim Girl Comes of Age
Monster in the Mind - Investigating the Untruths of Alzheimer’s
One Big Hapa Family - The Japanese-Canadian Identity
Otelo Burning
Painted Nails - A Vietnamese Salon Worker Fights for Safe Cosmetics
Shipping Home - A Family Makes a Home from a Shipping Container

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