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Good for Librarians:

"We have worked with Kanopy for the past two years and found that the team is very helpful. From providing customized selection to working with our accounting procedures, the Kanopy team have been friendly, flexible and patient. We have been using Kanopy videos in several of our courses at the School of Social Work very successfully."

Archana Bhandari
Director of Instructional Technology, School of Social Work, University of Maryland (Baltimore)

"Kanopy's customer service has been fabulous! If they don't have the film you need, they will make every effort to get it for you, and very quickly. Billing has been handled efficiently and in the administrative module, it is easy to see exactly what films your users have been watching. I've been very pleased with their service. They just make everything so easy!"

Anne Cerstvik Nolan
Brown University

"Kanopy is truly remarkable! The Five College Libraries loaded the entire Kanopy catalog into their shared online catalog, and the films have been in heavy use from the start. Kanopy offers a very responsive search service. Now, whenever we get a DVD purchase request, we check first with Kanopy to see if they can secure streaming rights. When Kanopy is successful, we're up and running very quickly."

Pam Skinner
Head of Collection Development, Smith College

"The Kanopy interface is aesthetically beautiful and intuitive to use. The Dashboard analytics display is the best I've encountered, allowing for easy, in-depth and meaningful usage analysis... the pedagogical as well as economic value of Kanopy Streaming has proven to be virtually off the charts for UMass Amherst."

Scott Stangroom
UMass Amherst

"Kanopy films and user interface are complemented by a strong usage reporting system. The powerful administrative dashboard with detailed analytics of activity and clear documentation about exactly what is going on, which makes financial planning, our workflow processes, and simply understanding our patrons easier."

Caryl Ward
Head of Acquisitions, Binghamton University Libraries

"Kanopy includes an incredible depth and breath of content… the interface draws the user in to want to engage with the films as opposed to [other] interfaces that are more academic in appearance... the pricing structure is simple and straightforward."

Bob Flatley
Kutztown University

"Our first year of Kanopy has been really successful! Both our students and our faculty have been taking advantage of the wide selection of films offered, the ability to compile clips for class playlists, and the option to suggest new titles for the Kanopy collection."

Bonnie Vigeland
Humanities Librarian, Hampshire College

"With Kanopy's demand driven program for streaming video, I can offer faculty and students a broader array of video options, and only pay for what actually gets used. In launching such a new program, I appreciated the support that Kanopy provided - they were quick to respond to my questions."

Lauren Corbett
Director of Resource Services, Wake Forest University

"The PDA model for streaming is now our preferred purchasing model. The platform looks great too!"

Jennifer Ferguson
Simmons College

"The Kanopy PDA program has allowed us to offer a wide range of films to our faculty and students, particularly those in online and hybrid classes, while limiting our costs. Our users love the service and the library has the confidence of knowing that we are only ordering what will actually be used. Kanopy's responsiveness and attentiveness to our needs has been a real bonus."

Patrick Callahan
Library Director, Purchase College

"Kanopy's administrative dashboard makes it easy for librarians to manage their account, order titles, manage PDA plans, and assess usage. Kanopy is an industry leader in providing detailed, useful analytics, which are crucial to justify expenditure and show return on investment."

Trey Shelton
University of Florida

"Great customer service. Clear and transparent administrative portal. Variety of licensing models works well for us. I'm always pleased with my interactions with Kanopy!"

Paula Hammett
Sonoma State University

"Kanopy helps me support my faculty - they love being able to so easily incorporate videos into their teaching to prepare students to be empathetic and confident social workers and nurses. And I love their free film sourcing service, where Kanopy will go out and source films we want in streaming and make those available. An amazingly user-friendly service!"

Shanti Freundlich
Simmons College

"Kanopy has redefined our relationship to streaming video and our faculty and students couldn't be more pleased. They provide an exceptional value for the money to educators and filmmakers alike- leading a new model for educational content distribution."

James Conley
Loyola University

"Kanopy's PDA model gives us the ability to provide streaming access to exceptional videos. The unique licensing terms allow us to be fiscally responsible by only paying for access to what is used and nimble because it allows us to shift our spending as the course offerings vary year to year."

Alison Armstrong
Radford University

Good for Filmmakers:

"Kanopy provides us with an imaginative and robust platform for our library of films through their website and their promotions, and gives us a strong brand identity."

Andrew Pike
Managing Director, Ronin Films

"Kanopy surpasses all competitors in speed and overall savvy. I am always impressed."

Suzanne Harle
CEO, Green Planet Films

"As an independent filmmaker who self distributes, working with Kanopy has been a great partnership in which we exchange ideas and experience to find the best way to reach our target audience."

Lucy Ostrander
Filmmaker, Stourwater Pictures

"Kanopy gives me and my work first-class, personalized attention. We devise campaigns together and partner to give my film the highest visibility and sales. Kanopy is 100% on my side and works hard to get my films to as many audiences as possible."

Kathy Leichter
Filmmaker, Two Suns Media

"Kanopy is a brilliant and unique film distribution model for the future: it works for filmmakers and institutions alike, hurray!"

Karina Epperlein
Filmmaker, Karina Films

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