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Olivia Humphrey founded Kanopy in 2008 with a vision to bring the magic of film into colleges and universities. Students watch more videos than any other resources outside of their academic world so it seemed logical that video should play a bigger role in education. Being passionate about film, and excited to unearth not only award winning features but also obscure, important archival film.

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We believe
that film should be a key resource in education - enriching the learning experience by integrating the magic of film into study.
We create
a collaborative, transparent and supportive framework for sharing the stories of thousands of filmmakers with the next generation of students.
We connect
students with both filmmakers as well as other students from around the globe.
We encourage
each viewer to bring their unique perspective of the world into the debates we foster.
We release
hundreds of new videos weekly, providing libraries and institutions with access to a wealth and breath of films, both new release and classics.