Kanopy is a brilliant and unique film distribution model for the future: it works for filmmakers and institutions alike, hurray!

- Karina Epperlein, Karina Films

Kanopy provides us with an imaginative and robust platform for our library of films through their website and their promotions, and gives us a strong brand identity.

- Andrew Pike - Managing Director, Ronin Films

Kanopy surpasses all competitors in speed and overall savvy. I am always impressed.

- Suzanne Harle - CEO, Green Planet Films

As an independent filmmaker who self distributes, working with Kanopy has been a great partnership in which we exchange ideas and experience to find the best way to reach our target audience.

- Lucy Ostrander - Filmmaker, Stourwater Pictures

Kanopy gives me and my work first-class, personalized attention. We devise campaigns together and partner to give my film the highest visibility and sales. Kanopy is 100% on my side and works hard to get my films to as many audiences as possible.

- Kathy Leichter - Filmmaker, Two Suns Media

For Filmmakers

Favorable Revenue Sharing Model Kanopy provides filmmakers and film distributors with a 50% share of every sale made.
Unparalleled Reach to the Student Market We stream to over 3,000 colleges and universities worldwide including all the Ivy Leagues and top colleges across North America and beyond.
Unprecedented Market Growth Kanopy is experiencing huge growth year on year as we launch more customers and into new markets.
Our Easy-to-Use Administrative Dashboard Our administrative dashboard provides filmmakers an unprecedented level of transparency into both sales and audience viewing habits.
Filmmakers Engage Directly with Audiences Our viewing platform allows filmmakers to actively engage with audiences watching their films.
Filmmaker Revenues Increase with Time Kanopy is a long-tail model, generating a sustainable return for rights owners.
Now Available in Public Libraries Millions more users will soon have access through their public library membership.

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Kanopy reaches 3,000 campuses worldwide, including:

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