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Lady Chatterley's Lover
Holliday Grainger, Richard Madden and James Norton star in Jed Mercurio's adaptation of DH Lawrence's legendary tale of love across class boundaries. When Sir Clifford Chatterley returns to Wragby Hall in 1918 a broken man, his beautiful and spirited young…
Louis Theroux: Americas Most Dangerous Pets
The World Wildlife Fund estimate that there are now more tigers in captivity in the US than there are in the wild in the rest of the world. Louis travels to America's heartlands to meet the people who choose to…
Are Animals Intelligent?
Part of the Series: Animal Minds
Leading scientists have argued over animal intelligence for decades. While some still consider the human mind to be superior and unique, there is a new generation who believe that other animals are capable of the same level of mental activity…
Do Animals have Emotions?
Part of the Series: Animal Minds
Does a goldfish feel imprisoned and depressed in its bowl? It seems natural to assume that animals have emotions, that a dog is happy when it wags its tail, or that a chimpanzee trapped in a cage is miserable. Do…
Prehistoric Autopsy - Neanderthal
Human evolution is not a straight line and prehistory is littered with hominids that never made it. Putting flesh and skin back onto ancient bones, this original series recreates every inch of three of our earliest ancestors. From fragments of…
An adaptation of the popular Michael Frayn stage-play based around a strange trip the German physicist Werner Heisenberg made to Copenhagen in 1941 to see his Danish counterpart Niels Bohr. Old friends and close colleagues, they had revolutionised atomic physics…
Deepwater Disaster - The Untold Story
Part of the Series: Horizon
The Deepwater Horizon oil spill is one of the world's biggest environmental disasters. Horizon reveals the untold story of the 87-day battle to kill the oil blowout a mile beneath the waves. The Deepwater Horizon oil rig disaster sent millions…
Are Animals Conscious?
Part of the Series: Animal Minds
In 'Are Animals Conscious?', Lynn Combe is convinced that Kate Moss (her pet lizard) is conscious. Lady Miriam Rothschild agrees: "I've had dogs since I was four years old. If you live with a dog and really love the dog…
Eunuchs - India's Third Gender
This extraordinary film explores the twilight world of India's eunuchs who both exploit and bewail their ill-defined status within society. The eunuchs introduce a special world, where for them divinity and daily life alternate in the flash of an exquisitely…
Emma Episode 1
Episode 1 of Emma
Rich, independent and kind spirited, Emma Woodhouse has no need to marry herself but nothing delights her more than matchmaking those around her. Once she has married off her close companions, she alights upon the pretty Harriet Smith to fashion…
The Great Japanese Retirement
In a world where people panic about the rising global population, Japan is facing a very different future which could see their population shrink by a third in just 40 years. One reason is that the Japanese are not having…
An Inspector Calls
Emotionally powerful and sharply relevant, this is a stylish new adaptation of JB Priestley's timeless masterpiece. An Inspector Calls is both an enthralling mystery and a scathing critique of a hypocritical, class-obsessed society. Set in 1912, it vividly evokes a…
Jane Eyre Episode 1
Part of the Series: Jane Eyre
After a wretched childhood, orphaned Jane Eyre yearns for new experiences. She accepts a governess position at Thornfield Hall, where she tutors a lively French girl named Adele. She soon finds herself falling in love with the brooding master of…
Turn of the Screw
A hauntingly atmospheric and star-studded adaptation of Henry James' classic gothic horror story. A young, inexperienced governess is hired to look after two small children abandoned by their uncle, following the death of their parents, at his grand country house.…
Emma Episode 2
Episode 2 of Emma
Emma continues her attempts to marry off Harriet and Mr Elton, vicar of Highbury. Although uninterested in marriage herself, she is intrigued by the mysterious and elusive Frank Churchill, whom she hopes to meet for the first time at a…
Panorama: Malala - Shot for Going to School
In 2012 Malala Yousafzai was shot by the Taliban. Now, in this Panorama Special, for the first time in her own words, we hear the remarkable journey of a teenage girl from Pakistan who has now become a global symbol…
Louis Theroux: Twilight of the Porn Star
A risque business In the 1990s, Louis spent time at the hub of America's adult entertainment industry - the San Fernando Valley in California - to find out if being a male porn star really was one of the best…
Louis Theroux: Ultra Zionists
Louis Theroux spends time with a small and very committed subculture of ultra-nationalist Jewish settlers in the occupied territories in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. Louis wants to understand the lives of people who put both themselves and their…
Louis Theroux: America's Most Hated Family
Louis Theroux is back, and he uncovers the inside story of America's most controversial family, the Phelps. Is there more to this tight knit group than appalling picketing slogans? Chanting slogans like, "thank god for dead soldiers" and, "fags die…
Part of the Series: Inside the Factory
Gregg Wallace is inside one of the world's largest chocolate factories in York to discover how they produce a staggering seven million bars a day. He'll follow the incredible 24-hour journey - from bean to bar - of one of…