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Non Verbal Communication
Looks at the impact of body language, the pitch and tone of our voice as well as first impressions.
Manual Handling Healthcare Series
A manual handling training program produced specifically for the healthcare industry. This series covers a range of areas including catering, non-clinical, sterilisation, peri-operative, resident handling and patient handling. Clip #1: "Manual Handling Healthcare - Non Clinical" - Clip #2: "Manual…
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Negotiation Skills
A dramatised training video that looks at the various skills and techniques needed for successful negotiation.
Sexual Harassment
Shows examples of sexual harassment and how to prevent it occurring. Includes a PowerPoint presentation for de-briefing.
Induction Series
21 induction video topics on OHS training. These short toolbox style induction videos are used in 100s of Australian companies - big and small - you are making a great choice. Clip #1: "An Introduction" - Clip #2: "Confined Space…
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Workplace Bullying
Highlights the importance of identifying a bully and handling bullying cases properly. Clip #1: "Workplace Bullying for Workers" - Clip #2: "Manual Handling 2015" - Clip #3: "Contractor WHS" -
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Dealing With Difficult Behaviour
Difficult behaviour in the workplace can increase stress and absenteeism, lower productivity, damage morale and do great harm to your company's image. In this video a presenter takes you through 2 different dramatised scenarios featuring difficult behaviour. Interactive pause breaks…
Management Training Series
This series of management training videos covers a range of professional development topics for the modern workplace environment. Clip #1: "Conflict Resolution" - Clip #2: "Delegating Tasks" - Clip #3: "Interviewing Techniques" - Clip #4: "Motivating Staff" - Clip #5:…
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Bullying & Harassment In The Workplace - for Employees
Gives simple steps that one can take if bullied or harassed. Co-written by a leading workplace psychologist.
Fire Control
Examines the various classes of fire and how to identify the various types of extinguishers Includes tips for minimising fire in the workplace.
Food Safety Part 1
This food safety training program provides a comprehensive, yet easy top understand guide to the food laws and safe food handling practices. Clip #1: "10 Causes of Food Poisoning" - Clip #2: "Allergens" - Clip #3: "Chemical Safety" - Clip…
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Assertiveness at Work
Features a variety of dramatized workplace scenarios demonstrating assertive behaviour and its two alternatives - submissive and aggressive.
Motivation Drive - Time Management
Introduces the concept of goal setting and the importance of managing time for achieving those goals.
Exceptional Customer Service - Dealing Difficult Customers
Provides easy to follow and practical suggestions on how to handle difficult customers.
Excellent Customer Service - Part 1
Follow 1950s style detective Sam Delaney has he sets about discovering the secrets of excellent customer service.
Induction Series - Part 1
Highly engaging safety training videos. Clip #1: "Accident & Incident Reporting" - Clip #2: "An Introduction" - Clip #3: "Code of Conduct" - Clip #4: "Computer Ergonomics" - Clip #5: "Confined Space Safety" - Clip #6: "Consultation" -
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A Reaper's Guide to OH&S - An Entertaining look at Occupational Health & Safety
An entertaining, yet effective introduction to OHS like you've never seen before! Complete with a PowerPoint Presentation.
Induction Series - Part 2
Highly engaging safety training videos. Clip #1: "Drugs & Alcohol" - Clip #2: "Electrical Safety" - Clip #3: "Emergency Evacuation" - Clip #4: "Equal Employment Opportunity" - Clip #5: "Eye Safety" - Clip #6: "Fatigue Management" -
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Hazard Management
Viewers will learn how to carry out a workplace inspection and how to recognise and eliminate potential hazards.
Food Safety Part 2
This food safety training program provides a comprehensive, yet easy top understand guide to the food laws and safe food handling practices. Clip #1: "Food Adulteration" - Clip #2: "Food Delivery" - Clip #3: "Food Handler's Health" - Clip #4:…
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