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Jan Harlan & Malcolm McDowell & Christiane Kubrick (Stanley Kubrick Exhibition)
Part of the Series: Masters of Art
Long time Stanley Kubrick collaborator Jan Harlan encapsulates the stunning life and career of Kubrick through pictures, home movies and poignant and insightful comments from some of cinemas most prominent creators and commentators. Christianne Kubrick painted for her husband's films;…
Architects: Zaha Hadid and Patrick Schumacher
Part of the Series: Masters of Design & Decoration Collection
Patrick Schumacher - Partner Dame Zaha Mohammad Hadid, DBE (born 31 October 1950) is an Iraqi-British architect. She received the Pritzker Architecture Prize in 2004--the first woman to do so--and the Stirling Prize in 2010 and 2011. Her buildings are…
Mari Velonaki & Isaac Julien
Part of the Series: Masters of Art
Mari Velonaki is a media artist working in the field of interactive installation. In the last eight years her work has been engaging spectators with digital characters in interplays activated by sensory triggered interfaces (breath activated, electrostatic charge measurements, artificial…
Gary Burton (Jazz) & Konstantin Lifschitz
Part of the Series: Masters of Music Collection
Gary Burton At six years old, Burton taught himself to play marimba and vibraphone and formally studied piano when in high school. Burton has cited jazz pianist Bill Evans as a main inspiration for his approach toward the vibraphone. Burton…
Sevres Porcelain Manufactory - Paris
Part of the Series: Masters of Design & Decoration Collection
David Cameo The Sevres company was founded in 1738.[1] In 1740, the Vincennes manufactory was created, with the support of Louis XV and Madame de Pompadour. In 1756, the factory moved to Sevres, near Madame de Pompadour's Bellevue Palace. This…
Paul Lewis (Pianist) & David Chesworth (Composer)
Part of the Series: Masters of Music Collection
Paul Lewis Paul Lewis is considered to be the finest British pianist in decades (The Observer) employs his formidable technique with great ease and thoughtfulness. The subtlety and lightness of touch he brought to his Musica Viva performances with the…
Chick Corea & Charles Dutoit
Part of the Series: Masters of Music Collection
Chick Corea Armando Anthony "Chick" Corea (born June 12, 1941)[1] is a multiple Grammy Award winning American jazz pianist, keyboardist, drummer, and composer. He is known for his work during the 1970s in the genre of jazz fusion. He participated…
Mike Stubbs (White Noise) & Peter Callas (Video Art)
Part of the Series: Masters of Art
Mike Stubbs' work encompasses film, video, mixed media installations, performance and curation. He has won more than a dozen major international awards including first prizes at the Oberhausen and Locarno Film Festivals, and in 1999 he was invited to present…
Design & Decoration: Paola Colombari and Bentley & Skinner
Part of the Series: Masters of Design & Decoration Collection
PAOLA COLOMBARI Paola Colombari is the daughter of the oldest antique-dealer dynasties of northern Italy. Paola co-founded with her sister Rossella her first gallery in 1981 in Turin., for approximately ten years the Gallery concentrated on the research of twentieth…
Karin Schaupp, Genevieve Lacey & Paul Capsis - Performer
Part of the Series: Masters of Music Collection
Karin Schaupp & Genevieve Lacey Karin Schaupp is one of the most outstanding young guitarists on the international scene. She performs widely on the international stage as a recitalist, concerto soloist and festival guest, and has given countless recitals. Karin…
Design & Decoration: Peggy Guggenheim & Shen Shaomin
Part of the Series: Masters of Design & Decoration Collection
PHILIP RYLANDS, PEGGY GUGGENHEIM - Venice Located on Venice's Grand Canal, the Peggy Guggenheim Collection is one of Europe's premier museums devoted to modern art. With masterpieces ranging in style from Cubism and Surrealism to Abstract Expressionism, the collection has…
Nicole Farhi & Sophie Albou
Part of the Series: Masters of Fashion: Fashion Designers
NICOLE FARHI She is so well established as a designer who designs sympathetically for like-minded women that she needs little explanation. Born in Nice and trained in fashion design, she moved to London in the early 1970's to work with…
Dubois Lefebvre & Greg Lasserre & Chris Fulham
Part of the Series: Masters of Art
Jean DuBois and Chloe Lefebvre are Canadian-based artists who have worked in close collaboration since 2001. Their work involves interactive installations that explore the relation between the spectator and the screen. The observer can obtain a level of intimacy with…
Daum and Patrizzi & Co
Part of the Series: Masters of Design & Decoration Collection
DAUM Daum is a crystal studio based in Nancy, France, founded in 1878 by Jean Daum (1825-1885). His sons, Auguste Daum (1853-1909) and Antonin Daum (1864-1931), oversaw its growth during the burgeoning Art Nouveau period. Currently Daum is the only…
Jean Pierre Bruneau "Bruneau" [Brussels] & Josean MartÃnez Alija "Restaurante Guggenheim" [Bilbao]
Part of the Series: Master Chef Confidential Series 3
"Chef Jean Pierre Bruneau BRUNEAU [Brussels] 2 Michelin Stars Two stars shine especially bright in the Capital of Europe's gastronomic constellation. These are those of Jean-Pierre Bruneau's restaurant, which for 30 years has been perfecting a culinary art that is…
Ulrich Kahlert (Ulrich Le Snob) & Gerard Vaughan (NGV Gallery)
Part of the Series: Masters of Art
Ulrich Kahlert (Ulrich Le Snob) Glisssssendo S.N.O.B.: Service Nettoyage des Oreilles Bouches (Blocked Ear Cleaning Service) The astonishing gliding orchestra from Europe. They move swiftly and silently, morphing as if by magic into transfixing choreographed routines. And all as they…
Bruce Gladwin (Small Metal Objects) & Eric Noel (Grouppe F)
Part of the Series: Masters of Art
Bruce Gladwin's "Small metal objects" is the hilarious yet disturbing tale of two 'small time' men and their accidental role in the downfall of an awards night. The plot looks at respect and the lack of it in an age…
De Grisogono & Deborah Elvira
Part of the Series: Masters of Jewellery Collection
DE GRISOGONO Geneva DEBORAH ELVIRA Spain The gallery is situated on the Mediterranean coast between Barcelona and Valencia. We deal in Romanesque, Gothic and Renaissance art, specially jewellery and works in wrought iron of these periods.
Momoyo Torimitsu, Angelica Mesiti & Serge Spitzer
Part of the Series: Masters of Art
Momoyo Torimitsu Based in New York since 1996, Momoyo Torimitsu playfully critiques contemporary Japanese culture through works in sculpture, installation and video. She has performed and exhibited widely, including performances on Wall Street in New York and exhibitions in ISEA…
Stephen Webster & Maria Carola Picchiotto
Part of the Series: Masters of Jewellery Collection
STEPHEN WEBSTER Stephen Webster is regarded as the UK's most innovative jewellery designer of our time. Having received countless coveted industry awards as well as becoming a firm favourite with celebrities across the globe, from Madonna to Christina Aguilera, Charlize…