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Mark Zuckerberg: The Real Face Behind Facebook
Part of the Series: Ground Breakers Series
At only 27 years, Mark Zuckerberg is worth about 30 billion. Launched in his dorm eight years ago, today Facebook has over 850 million followers! An incredible success story! If everyone knows Facebook, few people know about his creator's real…
Steve Jobs: The Way Steve Jobs Changed The World
Part of the Series: Ground Breakers Series
Steve Jobs changed our lives. By launching the iPod in 2001, he revolutionized our way of listening to music. Apple's founder proved then once again that he's a genius at the edge of technology and innovation, 25 years after having…
Richard Branson: The King of Virgin
Part of the Series: Ground Breakers Series
The first Virgin company was a small mail-order record retailer that quickly grew until the first record shop was opened on Oxford Street, London. Branson then opened a recording studio with only one contracted recording artist, Mike Oldfield, before signing…
Christian Louboutin: Top of the Heels
Start spreading the news, don't wait for the other shoe to drop: fall for Christian Louboutin! From his Egyptian boat, the designer draws his own portrait. From Paris to Milan, from London to New York, follow the red sole man…
Bill Gates: A Tycoon Story
Part of the Series: Ground Breakers Series
Gates is the former chief executive and current chairman of Microsoft, the world's largest personal computer software company. While at Harvard, Gates developed a version of the computer programming language, BASIC, for the firt microcomputer. Guided by a belief that…
Part of the Series: Earth on Edge Series
93% of its surface is arid or semiarid. The natural resources are dying; desertification and erosion are increasing every day. With an economy founded on tourism and agriculture, the country is vulnerable to the climate's whims.
Ingvar Kamprad: The Man Who Has Furnished The Planet
Part of the Series: Ground Breakers Series
Ingvar Kamprad was born in 1926 in Smaland, a Swedish deprived region. Small shopkeeper in the 50ies, he quickly understands the world is changing: the industry is imposing its economic model everywhere. An economic model he will apply on furniture.…
Looking For Barcelona
Part of the Series: Looking For
For more than a century, two football clubs have been fighting: FC Barcelona and Espanyol. This sporting rivalry conveys all the tensions of the Catalan history. Eric Cantona take us in the history of two rival identities.
When Neandertal Met HomoSapiens
80,000 years ago, Neanderthal and our direct ancestor Homo-Sapiens had not just lived together. They also had relationships... A new version of "Beauty and the Beast"! Thanks to the Max Planck Institute of Leipzig, Deutschland, we now know that this…
Philip Knight: The Man Who Runs The World
Part of the Series: Ground Breakers Series
An entrepreneur at heart from the Stanford faculty benches, Knight stumbled upon the very first pairs of sneakers in Japan. Those cheap and resistant shoes were manufactured by a certain Mr Onistuka to whom Knight purchased a few samples that…
Part of the Series: Earth on Edge Series
A landscape close to the image we have of paradise. However, not everything is perfect. The O cyclone struck not long ago. The letter O is the 20th letter of the alphabet, for the 20th cyclone...
Marlon Brando: An Actor named Desire
The anatomy of a myth. Ten years after his death, a fresh and unflinching look at the most legendary actor of all times, Marlon Brando. Summer 1943. A young 19-year-old man dressed simply in jeans, T-shirt and a red Fedora…
Miami: A World of all Excess
Part of the Series: The Most Dangerous Cities
Miami is a huge city undergoing an explosion: an explosion of drug trafficking (Miami is the American capital of cocaine) and a demographic explosion, with large numbers of Latin American immigrants. Since 2005 the city has experienced its greatest real…
Sao Paulo: Kidnapping
Part of the Series: The Most Dangerous Cities
15,000 homicides per year, 900 abductions in the last four years, and 1,200 armed assaults per day make Sao Paulo one of the most violent cities in the world. Public officials aren't capable of putting down law and order. The…
Johannesburg: The Hell on Earth
Part of the Series: The Most Dangerous Cities
South Africa is one of the most violent countries. Johannesburg, which is the financial center, is central to this violence. Detached houses turned into bunkers, bars at windows, railings to reinforce doors, the wealthy live in constant fear of being…
Bope: The Dark Side of Rio
Part of the Series: The Most Dangerous Cities
Everyone knows the glamour of Rio but these dreaming realities hide a world of violence. The BOPE, a military troop of elite has been created to clean the Rio "favelas" from drugs and arm traffics. Their disputed and violent methods…
The Most Dangerous Cities
Rio, Johannesburg, Caracas, Sao Paulo, Miami are some of the most dangerous cities in the world : drugs, kidnappings, homicides, rival gangs and corrupted police forces are the tough reality of these cities. The public life is almost paralyzed out…
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Caracas: Gangs, Favelas and Miss Universe
Part of the Series: The Most Dangerous Cities
Caracas, a metropolis of more than 5 million people, is a land of contrasts: poverty, wealth, consumption extreme oil galore, insecurity and crime records form the identity of this place. Caracas is far from a quiet town. Some do not…
Ground Breakers Series
They have changed your lives. Some are stars, and others, unidentified persons who protect their privacy. Yet all these men have changed our lives. Genius inventors, precursors often visionary, creative and clever, they were able to create indispensable objects. This…
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Earth on Edge Series
A series of 20 documentaries about countries facing climate change. People living in Madagascar, in Mexico and in Kenya are suffering from hurricanes, water flood, and desertification... Each film will take us to a different country.
15 videos