1521 Tenochtitlán—Aztecs vs. Conquistadors

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The Aztecs
This two-part collection documents the rise and fall of one of the most remarkable civilizations. From the ancient Olmec and their giant carved stone heads to the magnificent pyramids of the moon and sun at Teotihuacan, the Aztecs were inheritors of thousands years of indigenous culture. Who were the Aztecs…
Aztec Myth Meets Hernán Cortés
Mesoamericans gods have several "manifestations" or "aspects," and each different manifestation has a different appearance, different powers, and is responsible for different things. Meet some of the major characters, and learn how to follow the stories in all their iterations.
The Pyramids Of The Sun
Part of the Series: Secrets of Archaeology
Take a virtual reality tour of one of history's most intriguing ancient civilizations. The magic of the great temples and gigantic stepped pyramids of Tenochtitlan, the capital of the ancient Aztecs, is unearthed beneath Mexico City.
Three Leaders and One Battle: Spioen Kop 1900
The events of the Anglo-Boer War of 1899 to 1902 are outlined, and there is a focus upon one battle that shocked the British Empire - the attack on the hill of Spioen Kop. Three great world leaders were involved in the battle, albeit they did not encounter each other…
Nagashino: Taking Swords to a Gunfight—1575
The Battle of Nagashino was the culmination of a multi-generational conflict with some of the most memorable battles and colorful figures in Japanese history. Although both armies possessed guns, only one commander employed them to maximum effect. Delve into the battle and consider why mere access to a new technology…
The Roads To El Dorado
Part of the Series: Secrets of Archaeology
Take a virtual reality tour of one of history's most intriguing ancient civilizations. Discover the splendor of the Incan empire's Curzo and Machu Picchu, which captured the imagination and greed of the Spanish conquistadors.
New Colonial Masters: The Philippines 1900-1902
The United States defeated the Spanish Empire during the short war of 1898. After Commodore Dewey's victory at the Battle of Manila Bay, the Americans landed in Manila and occupied the city with the help of nationalists. The nationalists expected the US to support the independence of their country, but…
End of Empire - Mutinies in Indian Armed Forces 1757/1946
The British had their first great victory in India when the troops of the Nawab of Bengal mutinied against him. A hundred years later, British rule was shaken by insurrection in locally-recruited Bengali troops. In 1942, there was the largest-ever mutiny in the British Armed Forces when thousands of surrendered…
1453—The Fall of Constantinople
Although many educated people think they know about the fall of the Roman Empire, Professor Liulevicius says the end actually happened 1,000 years later with the fall of Constantinople to the Ottoman Turks. Delve deeper into this event and learn the trauma the loss created for Europeans.
The Oddest War - When a Canadian Led a Turkish Army
The war between the Russian Empire and a mainly British/ French/ Turkish alliance (1853 to 1856) has been called the "Crimean War", yet hostilities were worldwide, from the Baltic to the Pacific. Russians fought Turks in Romania until separated by the Austrians, and there was bloody fighting in what is…
The Great Blunders: Four Paths to Failure
Review the conflicts in this course to determine the major recurrent errors leading to such blunders. Then, turn to the final case study: a location and culture encompassing modern-day Afghanistan and Pakistan that has been the target of some of history's greatest conquerors and empires across more than 2,000 years.
Russia: Napoleon Retreats in the Snow—1812
Napoleon made many mistakes in his campaign to invade Russia, a fatal miscalculation that led to his downfall and blemished his legacy as a brilliant general. Investigate his errors here, from appointing his inept brother to an important role to using unimaginative frontal assault tactics, which resulted in a bloodbath.