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The Wall
Examines the history of the division of Berlin after World War II and how it eventually lead to construction of the Berlin Wall. It follows the history of the wall…
Ronald Reagan and the Rise of the Right
CBS News correspondent Mike Wallace explores the life and presidency of Ronald Reagan and how his years in office spawned Republican leadership throughout the country.
Explores the history of the CIA from its origins in 1947 through the disturbing revelations that have made many question its role today. A fascinating examination of the massive agency…
Oklahoma City Bombing
An examination of one of the worst acts of terror, Oklahoma City Bombing.
McCarthy Reconsidered
Sen. Joe McCarthy's term is reviewed, including the cases of Alger Hiss, and Julius and Ethel Rosenberg.

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3-D Rarities
3-D Rarities is an eye-popping collection of 22 ultra-rare and long-lost movies, which Flicker Alley and the 3-D Film Archive are proud to present here. Selections include Kelley's Plasticon Pictures, the earliest extant 3-D demonstration film from 1922 with incredible footage of Washington and New York City; New Dimensions, the…
After The Fair - The Legacy of the 1964 World's Fair
A look at the legacy of the 1964-65 New York World's Fair and how it still influences us today. In this documentary, we connect the dots between technology seen at the fair, like Bell Telephone's Picture Phone with Skype and other video chat services widely used today. We also examine…
American Experience: New York
An elegant, lyrical and compelling portrait of the greatest and most complex of cities. This definitive series chronicles the history of New York from its founding in 1624 as a Dutch trading post to its continuing pre-eminence as the cultural and economic capital of the world.
Homes on the Range: The New Pioneers
Early in the 21st century, a small town, Sheridan, in Northern Wyoming decides it must change how it cares for its elders and its frail. More retirees are arriving; more people with disabilities and frailties need home care. What might they do? In 2004, community leaders see a glimpse of…
Above and Beyond: The Birth of the Israeli Air Force
In 1948, a group of World War II pilots, mostly from America, volunteered to fight for Israel in the War of Independence. As members of "Machal" - volunteers from abroad - this ragtag band of brothers not only turned the tide of the war, preventing the possible annihilation of Israel…
One Last Chance - A Nazi War Criminal in Australia
An important and provocative film suitable for Holocaust Studies, One Last Chance was filmed in Lithuania, Israel and Australia. This documentary produced in 2000 explores the Australian government's handling of allegations that a South Australian resident, Antanas Gudelis, was a war criminal and Nazi supporter, wanted for trial in Lithuania…
Price of Gold
Gold: today's most popular investment commodity. This astounding film is the first to document the illegal gold-diggers in Mongolia's Gobi Desert risking their lives for a few grams of the precious mineral. While the speculative market value of gold in the Western world holds little relation to any tangible yardstick,…
American Reds - The Failed Revolution
Weaving powerful and compelling personal stories told by American Communists with objective historical sources and analysis, American Reds: "What Must We Dream Of?" illuminates the epic story of the rise and fall of the American Communist Party. Between 1920 and 1960, more than one million men and women joined the…
Advocates of Change
They have made a difference and revolutionized the world. They come from all walks of life and from all corners of the globe. These remarkable individuals have pioneered, developed and forever improved their industry and the world in which we live. Engaging and relevant, these individuals will change the way…
Darwin's Dangerous Idea with Daniel Dennet
A single great idea: The Theory of Natural Selection. With it, Charles Darwin shattered existing notions of the natural world by demonstrating how complexity could arise as a result of a blind and mechanistic sorting process, without an "intelligent designer". Now, join Daniel Dennett as he illuminates the radical nature…
ARTS in EXILE (Kunst im Exil )
Presented here are nine short films that feature: film director Slatan Dudow; actor Martin Brandt; authors Erich Fried, Erich Weinert, and Arnold Zweig; photographer Walter Ballhause; cartoonist Leo Haas; and journalist Egon Erwin Kisch. Original interviews with the artists, close family members, and friends are combined with little-known historic film…
Essential Arrival - Michigan's Indian Immigrants in the 21st Century
Immigration is a hot-button political issue these days, but, unsurprisingly, that contentious, narrow debate tells only part of the story. This film seeks to broaden the discussion by turning attention to Indian immigrants, an emerging and essential part of the immigration conversation. Highly educated and rapid in their collective progression…