Accounting and Finance Clips 6: Costs and Profit

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Clip 1: Costs: An Introduction
Vital to commercial success is how well businesses control their costs. These come in two basic types: direct and indirect. But in the real world classifying costs is rarely clear-cut.…
Clip 2: Costs & Working Capital At Acme Whistles
Acme Whistles in Birmingham has been manufacturing products for 130 years. Much has changed at Acme in that time - but covering its costs, both fixed and variable, remains a…
Clip 3: Profit: What Is It?
Successful businesses devote themselves to making profit - but what is profit and how do you calculate it? Why is working out the cost of sales so important and what's…
Clip 4: Profits: How Do We Use Them?
How does a business decide what to do with its profit? Harry and Bee Payne, owners of small computer company Logical Friends, plough their profits back into the business. But…

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Basics of Finance 2: The Balance Sheet Explained
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Financial Decisions 3
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Blakeway boss Stephen Maynard is fighting for profits in the highly competitive world of printed circuit board manufacturing. Dramatised scenarios illustrate the company's problems - the viewer is invited to consider solutions. WE'RE NOT A CHARITY Blakeway has two factories and one of these, its Lake End plant, is underperforming.…
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Organizing Your Business Around the Customer by Roger Siboni
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Extensible Business Reporting Language
The Extensible Business Reporting Language, or XBRL, is a language that enables the electronic communication of financial data. XBRL has truly revolutionized business financial reporting around the globe. XBRL offers an opportunity for IT professionals to closely align with their business colleagues; working jointly to solve reporting problems and issues…