Alabama Officer Stabbed to Death
Part of the Series: Special Issues

In the Line of Duty
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Deputy Murdered Transporting Prisoner
Part of the Series: In the Line of Duty Volume 6
This program is cored around the tragic shooting death of a New Mexico deputy who was transporting a prisoner. It will have an in-depth report on the shooting, "lessons learned" and many important safety tips for officers transporting prisoners. Issues Addressed: Officer Safety / Transporting Prisoners / Weapon Retention /…
Courtroom Security/What Every Cop Should Know
Part of the Series: In the Line of Duty Volume 10
The deadly Fulton County Courthouse triple murder in Atlanta has brought new attention to the courthouse security issue. This program focuses on what any law enforcement officer who is involved in aspect of courthouse / courtroom security needs to know to make that security more effective whether the jurisdiction is…
Murder of an Arkansas Officer
Part of the Series: In the Line of Duty Volume 15
Death stalks a young Arkansas officer, but in taking his life cops everywhere may someday get a second chance at living. In this program, we hope, with the help of the Trumann Police Department, to provide critical guideposts for officers who may fall prey or victim to the potential tragedy…
Officer Shot and Killed After Missing Weapon On Pat-Down
Part of the Series: In the Line of Duty Volume 7
A suspected cop shooter is arrested by two St. Louis officers. It turned tragic when they missed a weapon on a patdown. The subject uses the hidden weapon to kill one of the arresting officers. The program also features complete and thorough patdown training. It's a must in every law…
The Tampa Massacre
Part of the Series: Special Issues
For the first time, this 60-minute video tells the full story of the May 1998 incident in which wanted felon Hank Earl Carr got the drop on two Tampa homicide detectives and killed them both. He then killed a Florida Highway Patrol Officer before killing himself. The incident was fraught…
Killing Trooper Coates: What Has Changed Since?
Part of the Series: In the Line of Duty Volume 15
This program deals with updates the South Carolina Highway Patrol (SCHP) has made since the death of Trooper Mark Coates on November 20, 1992. It is in his memory that this program is dedicated, as well as to the memory of the other 49 SCHP troopers who, as of this…
Coates’ Killer Interview
Part of the Series: In the Line of Duty Volume 2
Richard Blackburn, the convicted killer of South Carolina State Trooper Mark Coates, is interviewed for the first time. Learn from Blackburn's personal insights as to his motivation and state of mind during this tragic incident. Blackburn explains what he believes might have defused the situation before it got "out of…
Alabama Officer Beating
Part of the Series: In the Line of Duty Volume 5
An Alabama officer is severely beaten after a subject attacks him during a nighttime traffic stop. The assault occurs as the officer attempts to handcuff and arrest the individual for D.U.I. The incident is analyzed and critiqued from top to bottom including in-depth interviews with the officer and his back-up.…
In the Line of Duty Volume 6
12 Installments including Groundfighting, Crisis Intervention Trng.-Dealing with the Mentally Ill, Report Writing, New Mexico Trooper Held at Gunpoint, Officer Restraint, Serving Warrants, Officer Shot, Subject Commandeers Car, Detecting Danger Part 1, Detecting Danger Part 2, Deputy Murdered Transporting Prisoner, Cop Shot During Foot Pursuit,Safe Foot Pursuits, Blood-Borne Pathogens, Next-of-Kin-Notification
Corpus Christi Knife Assault
Part of the Series: In the Line of Duty Volume 3
This program evaluates two incidents in which officers were assaulted; one by a knife-wielding inmate; the other by an inebriated subject during a DUI / Sobriety test. Both incidents were captured on video by the Corpus Christi (TX) P.D., and are absolute proof positive that officers need to be constantly…
Part of the Series: In the Line of Duty Volume 6
An Alabama officer gets into a violent fight with a subject who takes a gun from the officer's ankle holster. The resulting shoot-out ends with the subject's death. This dramatic segment features an in-depth interview with the officer and a training segment dealing with groundfighting. Issues Addressed: Groundfighting / Officer…
Part of the Series: In the Line of Duty Volume 15
In this program we outline some myths that are repeated so often officers believe they are gospel truth--until, as we see, nothing but stark reality or the loss of lives convinces them they're untrue. Issues Addressed: Defensive Tactics; Detecting Danger; Firearms Training; Groundfighting; Officer Safety; Shoot-Don't Shoot; Suicide by Cop