The American St. Nick
The True Story of American GIs

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The Nutcracker and the Mouse King
Going to see Nutcracker with the whole family has been a tradition in other countries for many years. Now it is a tradition in the Netherlands as well. It became apparent that the Netherlands had also adopted this tradition in 1996, when the Dutch National Ballet presented its own version…
Omaha Beach: Honor and Sacrifice
Honor and Sacrifice: On D-Day, June 6, 1944, the green 29th Infantry Division faced some of the most brutal fighting on Omaha Beach. In June of 2014, a handful of remaining members of the 29th Infantry Division made a final trip back to Normandy to recognize the 70th anniversary of…
Part of the Series: Ken Burns: The War
By September 1944, in Europe at least, the Allies seem to be moving steadily toward victory. "Militarily," General Dwight Eisenhower's chief of staff tells the press, "this war is over." But in the coming months, on both sides of the world, a generation of young men will learn a lesson…
The Ghost Front
Part of the Series: Ken Burns: The War
By December 1944, Americans have become weary of the war their young men have been fighting for three long years; the stream of newspaper headlines telling of new losses and telegrams bearing bad news from the War Department seem endless and unendurable. In the Pacific, American progress has been slow…
This lavish, impudent, adult fairy tale takes the viewer from 18th-century Braunschweig to St. Petersburg, Constantinople, Venice, and then to the moon using ingenious special effects, stunning location shooting, and a rich color palette, supervised by cameraman Konstantin Irmen-Tschet, who had worked for Fritz Lang in earlier Ufa films.
The Historical Museum at St. John Lateran
Episode 9 of The Vatican Museums
Episode #9: The Historical Museum at St. John Lateran The Lateran, with its renowned Basilica, is where Saint Peter was martyred, and Popes have dwelled for Ten Centuries.
Conflict In Europe Part 2
Part of the Series: Conflict In Europe
One of the major turning points of the war major was the Soviet victory at Stalingrad in 1943. This was followed by the Allied victory in North Africa and the subsequent invasion of Sicily and Italy. The Russians would have another major victory at Kursk in July 1943, the beginning…
Always for Pleasure
Les Blank's celebration of the spirit and social traditions of New Orleans, featuring Mardi Gras and St. Patrick's Day celebrations. It is an intense insider's portrait of New Orleans' street celebrations and the unique cultural gumbo of Second-line parades, Mardi Gras, and the Jazz Fest. The film features live music…
St. Patrick: Apostle of Ireland
Who was Saint Patrick? This new documentary film delves beneath the myth of Ireland's patron saint to reveal that the patron saint of Ireland was an ordinary man who accomplished the extraordinary by placing his faith in God. Precious few historical facts are known of this man who walked through…
Lark Rise to Candleford Episode 7
Part of the Series: Lark Rise to Candleford
The locals are rehearsing for their annual production of St George and the Dragon. They long to perform the play for their squire, but their letter to Sir Timothy in London has gone unanswered.
California Missions 8 & 9
  • Mission San Juan Capistrano San Juan Capistrano, California, was immortalized in the 1940 song, "When the Swallows Come Back to Capistrano," and became best known for the migration of cliff swallows that migrate here each year from Argentina to Mission San Juan Capistrano. To honor this annual phenomenon, the city…
  • The Al Hadji and His Wives
    The Al-Hadji and His Wives is a film portrait of a Mbororo Fulani patriarch, Al-Hadji Isa, his savvy wives, and their rebellious daughters. The documentary provides a glimpse into their everyday lives, religious and moral practices, as well as the political opinions the Al-Hadji has to offer from his particular…