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Domestic Violence & Elder Abuse - Protecting the Victim
As healthcare professionals it is our responsibility to protect victims of domestic violence and abuse. The first steps are awareness and education. This program teaches healthcare professionals the common signs of abuse, appropriate action steps if abuse occurs, and our roles' as professionals .
Domestic Violence and Elder Abuse
Domestic violence and abuse of the elderly can happen anywhere in big cities, small towns and the suburbs. It is a shameful problem, but unfortunately not a unique or new problem. Includes guidelines specific to healthcare.
Anger and Rage
Delve into the surprising root of many anger issues and see how CBT works to decrease "hostile fantasies," or the thoughts you have when a person or situation triggers your anger. Add simple exercises to your life that will help you recognize triggers and defuse them before they become full-blown…
Rage Reduction
Part of the Series: Severe Early Trauma
"We therapists are far more identified with our patients' pain and suffering and loss than we are with the other side of the split, that is, rage, revenge, perpetration...Those feelings, like any other difficult affect, need to be processed through in the therapy."- David Calof Clients in the process of…
Induction Series - Part 3
Highly engaging safety training videos.
The Miracle Question & Its Use in Anger Management - Solution Focused Therapy
A practical filmed demonstration of the Miracle Question within the context of a brief solution focused therapy for use with a client with anger management and domestic violence, combined with comprehensive comments and reflections from Paul Grantham, Consultant Clinical Psychologist. The film contains: A brief history of the development of…
One Hit Leads to Another
The combination of detailed descriptions by abused women and great dramatizations helps both male and female viewers to understand the realities of spousal abuse, what motivates this kind of activity, and reveals the myths that surround it. Low self-esteem, rather than straight anger, is the central causal issue and the…
Getting Control of Yourself - Anger Management Tools and Techniques with Christian Conte
Do your clients struggle with anger? Do you struggle with finding empathy for clients who act out in anger or violence? Are you searching for new and better ways to help them manage these issues? Take this powerful workshop that will increase your self-understanding and give you tools to help…
Life On Victor Street
This short documentary depicts an Aboriginal Winnipeg teen's struggle to stay in school and away from local gangs. Filmed over 2 years, the film is a moving portrait of one family trying to break the cycle of addiction, violence and poverty in an environment filled with anger and despair.
Hitting Home - A Critical Look into the Domestic Abuse Cycle
In a year dominated by headline stories of domestic violence and the murder of nearly 70 women, award-winning journalist Sarah Ferguson has spent six months on the frontline of a national crisis. With unprecedented access to courts and safe rooms, domestic abuse programs in prison, forensic doctors and specialised police…
What About Us?
This program explains to children who have witnessed spousal abuse what has happened and why they feel the way they do. Viewers will start to understand the answers to their questions... "Why can't we go home? Where's dad? Why did the police come in the middle of the night?" Part…
The Unfortunate Effects of Anger, Fear and Lies
A playlist on the unfortunate effects of anger, fear and lies.