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Rage Reduction
Part of the Series: Severe Early Trauma
"We therapists are far more identified with our patients' pain and suffering and loss than we are with the other side of the split, that is, rage, revenge, perpetration...Those feelings, like any other difficult affect, need to be processed through in the therapy."- David Calof Clients in the process of…
Getting Control of Yourself - Anger Management Tools and Techniques with Christian Conte
Do your clients struggle with anger? Do you struggle with finding empathy for clients who act out in anger or violence? Are you searching for new and better ways to help them manage these issues? Take this powerful workshop that will increase your self-understanding and give you tools to help…
CBT for Personality Disorders
We tend to think of CBT as a short-term, symptom-focused treatment--so how can we apply it to clients with deep-seated personality disorders? Prepare to have your clinical horizons broadened in this video with Art Freeman, who demonstrates classic CBT with a refreshing, world-wise simplicity while integrating skills and techniques from…
The Miracle Question & Its Use in Anger Management - Solution Focused Therapy
A practical filmed demonstration of the Miracle Question within the context of a brief solution focused therapy for use with a client with anger management and domestic violence, combined with comprehensive comments and reflections from Paul Grantham, Consultant Clinical Psychologist. The film contains: A brief history of the development of…
Voices of Violence Part 2 - Effective Treatment of Violent Individuals by The Glendon Association
Ten experts examine the critical components of effective treatment programs for violent individuals by focusing on prison programs in California and the U.K. Beyond the creation of an environment of safety and respect, these therapists confront the patriarchal beliefs, social misperceptions, and destructive thoughts that precipitate violent responses to real…
Self Injury I: Genesis, Forms, and Functions
Part of the Series: Self Injury
Topics How Self Injury Begins Role of Childhood Abuse Self Injury in Prisons and Among Men Varieties of Self Injury Motivations and Functions Recapitulation of Early Trauma Handling Rage and Other Affects Other Motivations Compulsion and Shame
Body-Oriented Trauma Therapy I: Clinical Perspectives
Part of the Series: Body-Oriented Trauma Therapy
"This work is really about evoking the client's own intelligence, their own wisdom. It's not an authoritative model where I know what's best for the client. All I'm doing is tracking their body, attuning with them and stimulating them to more adaptive action. But they already have that action potential…
Treating the Dissociative Client I - Stabilization
Part of the Series: Treating the Dissociative Client
Topics Treatment Frame and Diagnostic Issues Trust and Boundary Issues Countertransference Pacing and Grounding Techniques Safety and Emotions Relationships Cognitive Distortion and Empathic Confrontation Hypnosis and Expressive Therapies Medications Psychoeducation and Transition to Trauma Work
Uncertain Borders II: Sexual Boundary Violations
Topics Incidence; Damage Done to Clients How Sexual Relationships Start Therapists' Needs and Lack of Self-Care Typical Scenarios The Rescue Fantasy Trauma Survivors' Need For Boundaries Prevention
The ACE Study I - Childhood Trauma and Adult Health
Part of the Series: The ACE Study
"I think of my training as a medical student; I learned nothing of this. I think every medical student should be taught about adverse childhood experiences, abuse, violence, and neurodevelopment, and how the consequences will lay hidden right in front of their eyes unless it's a standard part of medical…
The Virginia Satir Series
In this dynamic series, watch renowned psychotherapist Virginia Satir present her pioneering views on the essential ingredients of successful therapy to a group of students, then conduct therapy with families struggling with abuse, substance use, and parenting conflicts. In The Essence of Change, Satir presents the four stages of therapy…
Legal and Ethical Issues for Mental Health Professionals VII - Dual Relationships, Standards of Care and Termination
Did you know... Good recordkeeping is what can help you the most if a complaint is brought against you by your licensing board? Ethical rules vary by licensing board and state when it comes to such vital issues as confidentiality and privilege? What makes a boundary crossing a boundary violation,…