The Art Glass Wall
Part of the Series: Art and Architecture Series

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KieranTimberlake - Loblolly House (2007) and Cellophane House (2008)
KieranTimberlake, an architectural firm based in Philadelphia, is a recognized leader of the "green" architecture movement in the U.S. As this film illustrates, its founders Stephen Kieran and James Timberlake have been developing innovative means to combine sustainable design principles with off-site construction for the mass customization of houses. The…
Studio Gang Architects: Aqua Tower
Chicago is famous for its role in fostering modern architecture, owing to the legacy of Louis Sullivan and Frank Lloyd Wright in the late 1900s, and Mies van der Rohe in the mid-20th Century. Jeanne Gang, founder of Studio Gang, gave the epithet "Chicago School" a new meaning. Gang, who…
Concrete And Glass
Part of the Series: Homes by Design - 2007
"Architects are exploring the technology of glass and concrete in creative ways. We look at three transparent expressions of contemporary architecture.
  • Architect Paul de Ruiter has innovated the indoor pool in a home just outside of Amsterdam by placing it in the middle of the house and enclosing it in…
  • Philip Johnson - Diary of an Eccentric Architect
    "My place in New Canaan is...a diary of an eccentric architect." Thus begins a fascinating look into the mind of one of our most creative and significant architects. Philip Johnson was always on the forefront of stylistic change, and his property in New Canaan, Connecticut, is a kind of laboratory…
    Teardowns And Infill
    Part of the Series: Homes by Design - 2007
    One way architects are responding to urban sprawl is by recycling prime sites in desirable urban neighborhoods where they either infill a new home or tear down an existing one.
  • Architect John Patkau creatively reused a narrow lot in English Bay to build a Vancouver home that features a…
  • Modernism
    Part of the Series: Homes by Design - 1998
    This program takes apart the broad term "modern". We review the origins of modern styles that strip away artifice and take residential architecture in a new direction of flat roofs, straight lines and walls of glass. From the first designs by Le Corbusier to boxes on stilts, the modern style…
    Sustainable Architecture
    Part of the Series: Homes by Design - 2007
    Sustainability is taking root at the forefront of architects' design philosophies.
  • The Currents, a ten-storey residential tower and new home to the Great Canadian Theatre Company, is a green development from the partnership of Peter Busby and Windmill Developments in Ottawa.
  • Engineer Andre' Dupras built his house…
  • Avondale Heights Library
    Part of the Series: Sacred Spaces
    February 2013 - Tim Hurburgh , Principal of H2o Architects. - Brightly coloured and patterned panels chosen by the local community adorn a new library and learning centre.
    Innovative Renovations
    Part of the Series: Homes by Design - 2007
    It can be quite a tricky balancing act for architects to achieve a fresh design that is compatible with a building's original form. We look inside of three unusual renovations.
  • Montreal architect Henri Cleinge has made a former wine storage facility into a modern home and office.
  • Glass Homes
    Part of the Series: Homes by Design - 2004
    A look at the challenges and rewards of creating a home out of glass. #1. Villa Dall'Ava in Paris is two glass cubes connected by a rooftop swimming pool #2. A cliff-side glass home in West Vancouver with outstanding access to itsenvironment. #3. The Genicot House in Brussels reflects the…
    Ray Kappe: California Modern Master - Forty Years of Modular Evolution
    Ray Kappe has long been a cult figure in the architectural scene in and around Los Angeles. In 1972, he founded the influential, avant garde Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-ARC), where many of the younger-generation architects have studied or taught. In addition, his smoothly rectilinear wood-and-glass houses based on…
    Steven Holl - The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, Bloch Building
    Generally acknowledged as one of the most artistically-minded architects practicing today, Steven Holl completed, in 2007, a museum considered the apex of his 33-year career: the Bloch Building for the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City. Here, Holl designed a linear series of subterranean galleries from which luminous, sculptural…