Aseptic Techniques: Principles and Techniques

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Part of the Series: FENC Nursing & Medical Collection
This program explains the principles of immunoblotting with the aid of diagrams and demonstrates the technique in the laboratory. Immunoblotting explains why attempting to detect the presence of protein samples directly from an electrophoresis gel is impractical, due to diffusion of the protein bands over time and the fragility of…
Southern Blotting
Part of the Series: FENC Nursing & Medical Collection
This program explains the principles of Southern Blotting, a laboratory technique used to achieve a permanent visible picture of bands of DNA fragments. Southern Blotting follows the step by step process from separation, through to fixing and to the final visualising of the DNA fragments as bands on a photographic…
Culture of Human Fibroblasts
Part of the Series: FENC Nursing & Medical Collection
This program shows how fibroblasts from human dermis are isolated by using enzymes and then cultured in nutrient medium. It gives details of how cells can be re-seeded, how they are counted and how they may be cryopreserved for storage in liquid nitrogen for months or years. The programme emphasises…
OBQI: Through the Use of Clinical Pathways
Outcome Based Quality Improvement) Are you confused about how clinical pathways relate to a specific diagnosis? This program explains the principles of Restorative Nursing Techniques and Complimentary and Alternative Therapies (CAM). Join us as we apply these concepts to several diseases including Parkinson's, Diabetes, COPD and Depression.
Mind Games (Brain Functions)
While the human brain is an immensely powerful organ, it is also extremely fragile. Trauma, disease and mental illness can cause serious disability. Here we discover that new scanning techniques are providing new information on how the brain functions. As a result, scientists are developing new techniques for repairing the…
Heart of the Man
In this program we learn Sir Magdi Yacoub is more than a surgeon. He believes in promoting preventative medicine, in training younger surgeons, and in researching and pioneering innovative life-saving surgical techniques.
Mind-Body Medicine
Examine the phenomenon of the mind-body connection to see how you can positively influence your mind in order to improve your body. This area of research is opening the door to new ways of thinking about and approaching various healing techniques. Dr. Bauer shares the latest findings and examples.
Introduction to Validation - Communicating with very old people diagnosed with Alzheimer’s-type dementia
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This video provides an excellent overview and introduction to the Validation Method. Using demonstrations by Naomi Feil and Vicki De Klerk working with people diagnosed Alzheimer's-type dementia, both principles and techniques are illustrated. This is a great video for those new to Validation as well as students of Validation. A…
Penicillin: The Magic Bullet
In the late 1920's, Alexander Fleming worked on a mould called penicillium and its ability to attack bacteria. But his laboratory notes reveal that he abandoned work on the substance convinced it would never work in living tissue. Ten years later, Australian Howard Florey found Fleming's article and hand picked…
Moving Meditation: Yoga, Tai Chi, and Qi Gong
Often grouped together with other mindful practices, Dr. Bauer dedicates an entire lecture to moving meditation, including yoga, tai chi, and qi gong. Although these methods have existed for thousands of years, the scientific benefits of integrating these practices into modern Western healing have just recently begun to emerge. Dr.…
Practicing Mindfulness: An Introduction to Meditation Course
In recent decades, science has confirmed that meditation, when correctly practiced, offers lasting benefits for your physical, mental, and emotional health. Gain a clear understanding of the essence of meditation--and how best to practice it--in 24 lessons filled with guided exercises, principles and techniques, and more.
Scar Wars
Why and how do wounds heal? Scientists have only recently begun to address these questions and are now developing techniques to prevent scars that are disfiguring. Their work should also give hope to people suffering from persistent wounds, like ulcers, notorious for being constantly painful during the long healing process.…