Of Bards And Beggars

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Robert Leeson with Mary Cadogan
Part of the Series: Writers Talk Series
Topics Discussed in the Interview: Writing for children from a socialist perspective Stories with 'schools' settings Television's challenge to the book The oral folk tradition
Keita - the Heritage of the Griot
Part of the Series: The Library of African Cinema
Keita creates a unique world where the West Africa of the 13th Century Sundjata Epic and the West Africa of today co-exist and interpenetrate. Director Dani Kouyati's frames his dramatization of the epic within the story of Mabo Keita, contemporary boy from Burkina Faso, learning the history of his family.…
Win Stracke - Chicago's Troubador
The founder of Chicago's Old Town School of Folk Music
Jamesie, King of Scratch - A Spirited Musical Journey to the U. S. Virgin Islands
79-year old James Brewster is an uncompromising musician from the Caribbean island of St. Croix known for his humorous, provocative and playful compositions and lively performances. Scratch band music, also known as Quelbe, is an indigenous, grass-roots form of folk music that originated over a century ago in the U.S.…
Old Dry Frye
A timeless, period-setting story, in live action, revolving around a traveling preacher by the name of Dry Frye, whose love of a good home-cooked chicken dinner brought an entire community to repent the wrong in their ways. Early Appalachian communities developed a strong oral tradition. From this sprang many folktales…
Hajari Bhand Of Rajasthan: Jester Without Court
Hajari Bhand of Chittorgarh, Rajasthan is renowned in the nearby courts, villages and towns of Mewar for his skill as a bahurupiya - a wandering mimic performing mostly comic routines. This videotape highlights Hajari Bhand's mastery of twenty different disguises and his performances of various routines in village settings, interspersed…
China: Travel Tips
Every new visitor's needs on transportation, banking, communication, and health concerns.
Musafir is the name given to a group of folk musicians from different castes and religions in Rajasthan, India. Hameed Khan, a tabla player who divides his time between Paris and Jaipur, is constantly searching for the best musicians who he then takes under his wing and teaches them the…
Blank City
BLANK CITY is an "absorbing snapshot of a daring time" (LA Times) when a disparate crew of renegade filmmakers emerged from an economically bankrupt and dangerous moment in New York history. From the late 1970's through the mid 80's, when the East Village was still a wasteland of cheap rent…
The Films of Bess Lomax Hawes
BUCKDANCER (1965) Featuring Panaloa County fife player Ed Young with Bessie Jones. Ed Young does the Buckdance, demonstrates making a fife, and plays a tune on the fife. GEORGIA SEA ISLAND SINGERS (1964) Shot in 35mm film with multiple cameras on a soundstage when the Sea Island Singers were visiting…
Bare Hands and Wooden Limbs
In 1975 Khmer Rouge forces kidnapped and tortured Chhem Sip, aged 14. He managed to escape, until he reached a refugee camp in Thailand. Eventually he was adopted by an American minister, became a U.S. citizen and turned to activism to help other Cambodian immigrants. Yet, he never felt at…
Steve White - Painting the World with Music
The authentic life of a one-man band. Singer. Songwriter. Performer. Painter. Steve White, an American original unknown to many, at home on the street corner or the concert stage. His unique style of singing and playing his baritone guitar, tapping a rhythm with a footboard and creating additional melody blowing…