The Battle for Byron II
The Push for Development Continues in Byron Bay

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The Fallacies of Hope
Part of the Series: Civilisation
The French Revolution led to the dicatorship of Napoleon and the dreary bureaucracies of the 19th Century. The disillusionment of the Romantic artists is traced through the music of Beethoven, the poetry of Byron, the paintings of Delacroix, and the sculptures of Rodin.
MI Cops In Courtroom Battle
Part of the Series: In the Line of Duty Volume 12
Battle in a Battle Creek courtroom, when a newly-sentenced killer turns on the nearest deputy, going for his duty weapon and apparently attempting "suicide by cop." Several deputies respond, putting their TASERs to use and stopping the threat. Issues Addressed: Jailer Safety, Officer Safety, Weapon Retention
Rats in the Ranks
Politics is a bruising business. The best policies in the world mean nothing unless you've got the numbers. This film takes a behind-locked-doors look at how politicians get the numbers. Every September Sydney's Leichhardt Council elects its mayor. Incumbent Larry Hand was popular with the citizenry but they don't vote…
The Battle for Byron - The Byron Shire Community Unites to End Harmful Urban Development
It tracked the struggle over four years of the community to stop developers, including Club Med making Byron shire into another Gold Coast... This film tells the story of how an impassioned community committed to free speech and sustainable co-existence with the natural environment overthrew a council hell-bent on development…
Classicism And Romanticism - The Sober And The Sublime
This program explores Classicism and Romanticism as expressions of divergent human needs--one a leaning toward form, pattern and security; the other a desire for change, fantasy and feeling. It surveys these antithetical influences in architecture, painting, literature and music. Students study Classicism as a way of thought in the writings…
The Romantic Age In English Literature
The period's literary themes and social currents are explored through extensive excerpts from Wordsworth, Byron, Shelley and Keats; biographical notes on each poet; and introductory analysis of their work. On-location photography is included with original illustrations and paintings from the National Portrait Gallery in London. Readings vividly demonstrate the influence…
Custer and the West
Go west as the United States expands and pushes into new territories in detailed accounts of Wounded Knee, the Battle of Little Bighorn, and the creation of the Buffalo Soliders
Finding That Dream Job - Independent Living for Young Adults
Armed with a diploma, possibly degreed, you've paid your dues and now, it's finally time for the big payoff. Time to get that resume out there and enjoy the sweet life as the offers come rolling in. Screeeeeeeeeccccch! Can I get a reality check here? It will take a lot…
Thomas Sankara: Fratricide In Burkina, Africa
Part of the Series: Political Assassination Series
Burkina Faso, Africa, October 15, 1987. Automatic gunfire breaks the evening's silence and kills President Thomas Sankara. Would the assassins have been sent by his brothers in arms, Blaise Compaore, with whom he had launched the Marxist Revolution a few years before? His main argument was also one of the…
Inside Reading and Writing
In her book In the Company of Children, Joanne Hindley invites you inside her third-grade New York City classroom to "have a look" as she describes her reading and writing workshops. Joanne extends the invitation once again through a series of four video programs that give you a close-up look…
Courtrai: Knights versus Shopkeepers—1302
At the Battle of Courtrai in 1302, a French army of the finest knights equipped with the best available arms and armor was beaten by what many viewed as an undisciplined rabble of Flemish shopkeepers bearing improvised weapons. Delve into the battle and learn the mistakes leading to the knights'…
Battle of Karbala - 680
The Battle of Karbala represents the defining moment in the split between the two main branches of Islam. Learn about how the faith came to violent internal conflict so early in its history, assess the nature of the underlying dispute over succession, and witness the political and religious fallout from…