Battleship Potemkin

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The first feature film by the director of Battleship Potemkin, Sergei Eisenstein's STRIKE is a visual tour-de-force that employs dynamic editing and experimental camerawork to dramatize the saga of a bitterly-fought factory strike in 1903.
Strike (Stachka)
Sergei Eisenstein's first full-length feature film. Unrest starts at a factory. The last straw was the suicide of a worker accused of stealing a micrometer. An inevitable fine and a many-month payment of the debt for the lost instrument would have ended in his death from hunger anyway. The dead…
The Love Of Jeanne Ney
A young French woman is caught up in political and romantic turmoil during the Russian revolution. This is the longest version available and features a new orchestral score by Timothy Brock.
Turn of the Century
Moscow of 1993. Tanks in the streets. The troops are storming Parliament. Blood is flowing, innocent people die. These events are the starting point for understanding what is going on between two women in the film - Olga and her mother, Marina Nikolayevna; and in a broader sense, between two…
Fall of the Romanov Dynasty
Esfir Shub culls her landmark documentary from pre-Soviet Russian newsreels gathered from Europe and America. In May 1913 the Romanov Dynasty celebrates its 300th anniversary at the Russian throne. The last emperor in the long line is czar Nicholas II. He rules over a country with huge social and economic…
Miss Mend
Miss Mend, an action-packed adventure serial in three feature-length episodes, was produced in Russia with the goal of rivaling, and possibly even surpassing, the most entertaining American movies of the 1920s. Instead of the avant-garde works of Sergei Eisenstein and Dziga Vertov, Russian audiences were enchanted by fast-moving American films…
The Vanished Empire
A cinematic love letter to a unique moment in the lives of the Soviet youth, directed by celebrated Russian filmmaker Karen Shakhnazarov.
Finances Of The Grand Duke
In Murnau's playful espionage thriller reminiscent of Ernst Lubitsch (who had recently left Germany for Hollywood), Harry Liedtke stars as a benevolent dictator who must preserve the tiny nation of Abacco by fending off creditors, wooing a wealthy Russian princess, and evading a band of demonic conspirators.
My Joy
A truck driver takes a wrong turn and finds himself lost in a bleak Russian underworld, struggling to survive amidst increasingly violent reminders of the country's dark history. The first fiction film by acclaimed documentarian Sergei Loznitsa, My Joy is a mischievous, ultra-nihilistic parable of post-Communist Russia, shot by master…
A Cottage On Dartmoor
Long treated with indifference by critics and historians , British silent cinema has only recently undergone the reevaluation it has long deserved. A Cottage on Dartmoor is perhaps the most significant rediscovery. A tense, shocking thriller that stylistically evokes the early films of Alfred Hitchcock and the masterworks of Russian…
Dracula's Fiancée
A Van Helsing-like professor and his protege are tracking Dracula's descendants through the world of "parallels", creatures who are human in form but live quite distinct psychic lives. A circus dwarf who is in love with one of these creatures leads them to a mansion filled with oddly behaving nuns,…
Keep It Quiet (Pas de scandale)
Perhaps the most perfectly nuanced film Jacquot has ever made. The story works in the time-honored tradition of Tennyson's Enoch Arden. Fabrice Luchini's businessman Gregoire has just done an undeserved stretch in the penitentiary for some sordid white-collar family business, but given his newfound hyper-awareness of the world and the…