The Birth of French Haute Cuisine

The Great Courses
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International Gothic Cuisine
Ironically, the plague in 14th-century Europe produced societal shifts that led to a resplendent era in food. Assess the influence of three seminal cookbooks and the craze for spices and sugar in the flourishing of "Gothic" cuisine. Study specific recipes, cooking techniques, and the culture of medieval court banquets.
Edo, Japan—Samurai Dining and Zen Aesthetics
Contemplate the traditional Japanese reverence for nature as reflected in their respect for the natural flavors of all foods. Study the elements of Japan's refined and elegant cuisine, the origins of sushi, and the aesthetics of ritualized manners, decoration, and presentation in the world's first restaurant-based food culture.
Papal Rome and the Spanish Golden Age
Here, explore the rise of distinct regional and national cuisines, focusing on Italy and Spain. Review the monumental culinary writings of Bartolomeo Scappi, bringing together specialty dishes from all of Italy. Then study excerpts from two classic books of Spanish cookery as they vividly evoke Spain's rich food culture.
The Turkish Way - A Tribute to Turkish Cuisine
A travelogue that shares the journey and experiences of three brothers on a trip across Turkey. They learn about one of the most unknown, powerful and ancient cuisines in the world. They reflect Turkey's great culinary potential through young chefs in Istanbul who seek to change the perception of Turkish…
Ancient India—Sacred Cows and Ayurveda
Ancient India gave birth to culinary traditions that still carry wide influence. Learn about the culture of the Aryans, whose religion prefigured Hinduism; food customs relating to caste; and the traditions of vegetarianism in Hinduism, Jainism, and Buddhism. Also study the dietetic system of Ayurvedic medicine and the components of…
Andoni Luis Aduriz "Mugaritz" [San Sebastian]
Part of the Series: Master Chef Confidential Series 3
"Chef Andoni Luis Aduriz MUGARITZ [San Sebastian] 3 Michelin Stars Andoni Luis Aduriz cooked with nearly all the Spanish greats before becoming a household Spanish culinary name himself. After studying at the Donostia School of Cuisine in San Sebastian, Spain, Aduriz worked for Ramon Roteta, Hilario Arbelaitz, Jean Louis Neichel,…
Eric Briffard "George V" [Paris]& Gerald Angelmahr "Korso" [Vienna]
Part of the Series: Master Chef Confidential Series 3
"Chef Eric Briffard GEORGE V [Paris] 2 Michelin Stars Who has doubts about the choice of Eric Briffard to command the kitchen of the Four Seasons HA'tel George V---the perfect embodiment of French luxury? Eric's quest for perfection is known to all gourmets. His brilliance, technique and expertise are owed…
Jean Pierre Bruneau "Bruneau" [Brussels] & Josean MartÃnez Alija "Restaurante Guggenheim" [Bilbao]
Part of the Series: Master Chef Confidential Series 3
"Chef Jean Pierre Bruneau BRUNEAU [Brussels] 2 Michelin Stars Two stars shine especially bright in the Capital of EuropeaEU(tm)s gastronomic constellation. These are those of Jean-Pierre BruneauaEU(tm)s restaurant, which for 30 years has been perfecting a culinary art that is unanimously acclaimed by real gourmets. Although he respects tradition and…
Asian-Style Grilling
Thailand. Japan. Vietnam. Korea. Asia is home to some of the most delicious recipes on the planet, and this lecture surveys some of the popular Asian cuisines that can be prepared on the grill. After a series of skewered meat dishes--including beef satay and yakitori chicken--you'll end with Korean barbeque…
The Raw and the Cooked - Culinary Traditions in Taiwan
Taiwan is known around the world as having one of the most diverse cuisines in Asia, and food is the foremost passion of its 23 million inhabitants. The Raw and the Cooked is a sumptuous exploration of the island's rich culinary traditions, and their relationship to the Taiwan's unique mix…
Aztecs and the Roots of Mexican Cooking
Contemporary with the European Renaissance, Aztec culture produced a unique food tradition that survives today in Mexican cuisine. Learn first about Aztec society, its indigenous foods, and distinctive diet. Also study descriptions of lavish Aztec banquets; "signature" foods, from avocados, beans, and chilies to chocolate and maize; and the Aztec…