Bridges to Independence
Guided Reading with Non Fiction

Stenhouse Publishers
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Program 1: Getting Started
An introduction to key issues for ensuring successful guided reading sessions: forming groups using assessments, selecting the focus and text, and managing the rest of the class.
Program 2: Guided Reading with Early Emergent Readers
Lauren and Tony each conduct guided reading sessions with young learners, focusing on the importance of making children aware of what they are learning about the world as they read.
Program 3: Guided Reading with Developing Readers
The importance of using procedural texts in guided reading is highlighted as Tony and a group of children read through How to Make a Paper Airplane. Will the children be…

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Teaching with Nonfiction Collection
Nonfiction reading and writing requires special skills. In this collection, Stenhouse authors demonstrate proven strategies for helping students build background knowledge, conduct research, and engage with nonfiction texts across the curriculum and at various levels of complexity. Featured authors include Kelly Gallagher, Tony Stead, and Cris Tovani.
Bringing Reading to Life
Readers in grades 3-6 present unique challenges and opportunities for teachers. Many intermediate readers can decode text well, but few have the skills required for the thick textbooks and complex literature they will encounter in the middle grades and beyond. Teachers need to guide students as they develop sophisticated strategies…
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Strategic Thinking
Nothing matters more than kids' thinking. As teachers, we want to honor kids' thinking and teach them to become critical, thoughtful, independent readers. To help them turn thinking into meaning and to understand what they read, students need an arsenal of strategies to navigate and synthesize text. And they need…
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In Kelly Gallagher's high school classroom in Anaheim, California, students are not only learning to comprehend difficult novels and texts, they are developing the skills and behaviors of lifelong readers. Drawing from his books Reading Reasons and Deeper Reading, Kelly's new video set brings effective reading strategies to life. Presenting…
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