A Brief History of Time
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"If we could find out the answer to why we and universe exist, we would know the mind of God." That's Stephen Hawking alright. Amazing movie. Great music, too.

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Hawking, the first-ever autobiographical documentary about physicist Stephen Hawking, offers rare insights into Hawking's life, past and present, aided by a cast of stellar contributors and Hawking fans, including astronaut Edwin Eugene "Buzz" Aldrin, Jr., actors Jim Carrey and Benedict Cumberbatch, mathematical physicist Sir Roger Penrose and entrepreneur Sir Richard…
For All Mankind - The Apollo Space Missions
For All Mankind tells the true story of the 24 men who travelled to the moon as the entire US watched in awe. Sorting through nearly one hundred hours of film and sound recordings recovered from NASA - shot between December 1968 and November 1972, in the heyday of the…
The Home and the World
Both a romantic-triangle tale and a philosophical take on violence in times of revolution, The Home and the World (Ghare Baire), set in early twentieth-century Bengal, concerns an aristocratic but progressive man who, in insisting on broadening his more traditional wife's political horizons, drives her into the arms of his…
Pigs and Battleships
A dazzling, unruly portrait of postwar Japan, Pigs and Battleships details, with escalating absurdity, the desperate power struggles between small-time gangsters in the port town of Yokosuka. Shot in gorgeously composed, bustling CinemaScope, the film follows a young couple as they try to navigate Yokosuka's corrupt businessmen, chimpira, and their…
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With its low budget and lush black-and-white imagery, Gus Van Sant's debut feature Mala Noche heralded an idiosyncratic, provocative new voice in American independent film. Set in Van Sant's hometown of Portland, Oregon, the film evokes a world of transient workers, dead-end day-shifters, and bars and seedy apartments bathed in…
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