Charge of the Anzacs

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Forty Thousand Horsemen
Charles Chauvel's 1940 cinematic tribute to the mounted troops of the Australian Light Horse regiments is a rousing call to arms, giving life to the heroic tales of mateship during the Great War. Best mates Red Gallagher (Grant Taylor), Jim (Chips Rafferty) and Larry (Pat Twohill) face a challenging time…
The U.S. Cavalry: History of America's Mounted Forces
From the creators of the best-selling documentaries UP FROM SLAVERY, VIETNAM: 50 YEARS REMEMBERED, and LAWMEN OF THE OLD WEST Mount up! The cavalry has been part of America's history from before the nation was founded and is still in service today. Charge into the fight with this 5-part series…
Patton and World War II
Join the General who will revolutionize the cavalry and lead it from the last battle fought on horses to modern tanks and inventions that will win WWII and be the next generation of armored cavalry
Peter Allen: The Boy From Oz
Australian-born PETER ALLEN had one of the all-time classic international showbusiness careers making a name for himself with songs such as I GO TO RIO, I STILL CALL AUSTRALIA HOME and the Academy Award winning BEST THAT YOU CAN DO (ARTHUR'S THEME). Always remembered for his exuberant and energetic style,…
A stranger, Asta Cadell (Deborra-Lee Furness, Jindabyne) limps into an outback town on a crippled motorcycle. Trapped while she waits for repairs, Asta stays at the garage of Tim Curtis (Tony Barry, Australia). The outsider soon discovers that Tim's young daughter Lizzie (Simone Buchanan, My Brilliant Career) is the latest…
A Fortunate Life
At eight years old, an impoverished Bert Facey was forced to start the backbreaking, dawn-to-dusk life of a farm labourer. Unschooled, his father dead, abandoned by his mother, by the age of twenty he had survived the rigours of pioneering the harsh Australian bush and the slaughter of the bloody…
The Moth of Moonbi
The story of a country girl, Dell Ferris (Doris Ashwin), drawn to the bright lights of the big city where her inheritance is soon frittered away through high society revelling. A wiser Dell returns to Moonbi Station where she is beset by the cattle rustler Jack Bronson (ArthurTauchert). She finally…
The Rough Riders
Charge into the fight with Teddy Roosevelt as he leads troops into Cuba and the battlefield begins to change with a new invention of war
Crimea: Charge of the Light Brigade—1854
Although a minor incident, the Charge of the Light Brigade has gained a reputation as both a glorious moment in the history of warfare and one of the greatest military blunders of all time. Follow the disastrous chain of events that lead the British to attack the wrong target.
Hellfire Pass
In 1943, Allied prisoners of war and Asian conscripts began working on the construction of the Thai-Burma railway. By the time it was completed, more than 100,000 men had died. On Anzac Day more than 40 years later, a group of ex-servicemen from Australia, the United Kingdom and Holland returned…
The Weapons of World War I
Part of the Series: Guns - The Evolution of Firearms
The machine gun changed the warfront and defined and dominated the WWI experience.
Panzer IV
In continuous production from 1936 until 1945, and designed originally as a heavy support tank for the lighter Mark III, the Panzer IV became one of the key instruments of the Blitzkrieg victories, in the early war years.