Part of the Series: The Life of Mammals

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Plagued: Epidemics
Part of the Series: Plagued
Epidemics: Filmed in the UK, Australia and the USA, Prague and Italy, this episode takes up the theme that , ironically, epidemics are the results of so-called progress and that despite medical technology, we are still vulnerable to old and new diseases that can change the course of history...In 1980…
Tales of the Rat Fink
From the award-winning director of COMIC BOOK CONFIDENTIAL and GRASS comes TALES OF THE RAT FINK, Ron Mann's wildly inventive bio about Renaissance man Ed "Big Daddy" Roth, who engineered a shift in mid-twentieth century culture with his customised cars, "monster" T-shirts and America's alternative rodent - "Rat Fink".
South American Mammals
A compilation of 38 outstanding species of mammals of the Orinoco-Amazon area plus others of the pacific slopes of Los Andes and the Galapagos islands. Possums, Armadillo, Sloth, anteaters, ten species of monkeys, seven species of rodents, including the biggest ones in the world like capybaras and agoutis, Ocelot, Puma,…
Ten Million Wildcats
Australia is the only continent completely overrun by feral cats. It is estimated there are now some ten million domestic cats gone wild and that each year they kill billions of native animals. Where did they come from? Why did they spread so quickly? And how much of a role…
Living Greener - Episode 9
Part of the Series: Living Greener Collection
'Beavers in Britain, Waterless Urinals, Brazil Solar Station, Indonesia Tree Dowry, Antarctic Bugs
Monoclonal Antibodies
Part of the Series: FENC Nursing & Medical Collection
This program describes how lymphocytes in the bloodstream of an animal will respond to the appearance of an antigen by producing antibodies to it; and explains the difference between monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies. It is then demonstrated in the laboratory, where lymphocytes from the spleens of immunised mice are fused…
The witty, charming and unusual documentary profiles one of the most enduring rivalries in nature: man versus rat in their endless struggle to control New York City. The war is fought on every front - in sewer and subway, in tenement and skyscraper alike. RAT captures the real-life horror as…
Canadian Law and Government Series
This program provides a fun and colourful look at the nuts-and-bolts of our governing bodies in Canada
Part of the Series: The Life of Mammals
When it comes to food most mammals are specialists - some eat nothing but termites, some just seeds, others eat only flesh, and one species, the giant panda, relies almost exclusively on bamboo. But, there is an alternative strategy for feeding. Instead of being a specialist you can be a…
Drunk on Love
Meet Luke, a re-confirmed bachelor and novice novelist who is still in love with his ex girlfriend. Brady is in a dead end job and has fallen in love with Fred. She is equally smitten but is worried by his love-rat reputation. Ariel is having spiritual dilemmas over her long…
Wild Australasia
Part of the Series: Wild Australasia
This first programme of the series is a sweeping introduction to the natural wonders of Australia and reveals why its natural history has become so distinctive and strange. It features some of the most bizarre animals and evocative locations across the continent. When Australia first broke away from the rest…
Food for Thought
Part of the Series: Secrets of Bones
Ben Garrod uncovers the secrets of how vertebrates capture and devour their food using extreme jaws, bizarre teeth and specialized bony tools. He takes a cherry picker up a giant sperm whale's jaw, finds out which animal has teeth weighing five kilos each and which uses its skull as a…