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The Power of Process Auditing - How to conduct a process audit
Management system audits are best met with a process or risk based audit rather than a simple checklist approach. Give your students and auditors the opportunity to take a 'fly on the wall' view of a real process audit in action. See how this auditor uncovers significant issues which could…
Gorilla in the Midst Auditing to add value: Effective auditors don't miss the gorilla
This excellent video resource is for new and experienced auditors. It shows why auditors need to have a broad view of the business they are auditing. Key Points Harvard university studies have shown that people can miss significant visual events when their attention is narrowly focussed. This video shows an…
Unclear and Present Danger
Key points
  • What are the stages, errors and factors.
  • What can managers and team leaders do to maintain high levels of situation awareness.
  • How to apply situation awareness to the workplace to reduce human error.
The video uses real events to illustrate…
Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Collection
The Complete Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Series containing over 13 hours of training videos.
Timber: Production and Processing Part B
This is Part B of two programs which include the propagation and processing of Australian native species together with American and Caribbean pines. The processes covered by this program are:
  • Characteristics of commercial softwoods
  • Plantation management - propagation; thinning; clear felling
  • Milling, drying and grading
  • Finger jointed clear grade…
Renovating A Home
The renovation of a home is a unique and complex design and construction project. This video provides an overview of the steps taken and the people involved in the renovation of an existing home. In this real-life situation, students can gain an understanding of the problems and issues facing designers,…
Diagnostic Dummies
Getting volunteers to act as drivers when researching driver safety in a car crash are hard to come by. The same is true when testing the viability of a life jacket in icy conditions. And how many people can lie still enough for long enough in a hospital bed to…
Driving Into the Future
"Recommended. Highlights global concerns with fossil fuel consumption and pollution; good 3-D graphics help explain various alternative fuel possibilities." -EMRO Review The car has given us mobility unknown to previous generations. Even though it also kills or injures thousands of people every year and pollutes the atmosphere, we cannot live…
Cycho (Mountain-Bike Technology)
Emma Guy's dream is to descend the rocky fringes of the Sierra Nevada - not on her own two feet, but on two wheels of a mountain bike. Here we see Emma's dream has become a quest to find the best, most rugged, most up-to-date mountain bike in the world.
Refrigeration and Air Conditioning - Compilation 8
This is a compilation of the following titles: Refrigeration and Air Conditioning: Food Storage Conditions, Industrial Refrigeration, Air Conditioning Commissioning, Refrigerant Recovery, The Conversion Factor, 123 - The Chilling Factor and The Conversion Factor (Thai).
Refrigeration and Air Conditioning - Compilation 7
This is a compilation of the following titles: Refrigeration and Air Conditioning; Reverse Cycle Air-Conditioning, Compressor Overhaul, Charging a Restrictor System, TX Valve Adjustment, Reading Refrigeration Gauges, Filters, Reading Site Drawings, Job Planning, Fans and Airflow, Air-conditioning Maintenance, The Controlling Factor and Commercial Installation.
Refrigeration and Air Conditioning - Compilation 6
This is a compilation of the following titles: Refrigeration and Air Conditioning: Installation Planning, EPR and CPR Valves, Belts and Couplings, Cool room Installation, Fault Finding (Sealed Units), Changing a Dome, Pressure Control Setting, Reciprocating Compressors, It's in the Book and Defrost Controls.