Connected by Coffee
Latin American Coffee Farmers

Passion River Productions
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Delicious Peace Grows in a Ugandan Coffee Bean
In a nation once plagued by Idi Amin's reign of terror and intolerance, Christian, Jewish, and Muslim Ugandan coffee farmers have come together to challenge historical prejudice and economic hurdles by forming the "Delicious Peace Coffee Cooperative." The cooperative has become a model for others, demonstrating how the interweaving of…
Black Gold
Part of the Series: Globalization
Black Gold asks us 'to wake up and smell the coffee,' to face the unjust conditions under which our favorite drink is produced and to decide what we can do about it. The film traces the tangled trail from the two billion cups of coffee consumed each day back to…
El Cacao: The Challenge of Fair Trade
El Cacao exposes the dark side of chocolate production in Latin America by examining the economics of Fair Trade from the point of view of the indigenous farmers as they attempt to sustain their community through the growth, harvest, and trade of cacao beans in the global market. This 20-minute…
Part of the Series: Jimmy's Food Price Hike
In this revelatory series Jimmy's Food Price Hike farmer Jimmy Doherty travels the globe to find out why the price of our food is spiraling out of control. Focusing on one meal in each episode - breakfast, lunch and dinner - Jimmy uncovers why staple ingredients we take for granted…
Living Without Water
What's it like to live without running water? In Peru's sprawling capital, Lima, this is the everyday reality for 1.5 million children and adults, forced to pay up to a week's salary for just one day's water. And the problem isn't confined to the capital, across the country, the shortage…
The Sad Story of the Banana - Dangers of Pesticide Abuse
Part of the Series: Global Issues Series
"Highly Recommended. This is the real story behind the cosmetic banana; the perfect flawless fruit that appears on tables everywhere. Although the sub-title highlights dangers of pesticide abuse, the program covers broader issues regarding banana plantations in Central America. It uncovers areas such as extreme exploitation of man and earth,…
The Coffee Trail with Simon Reeve - The Journey Behind the Coffee you Drink
Globally, billions are spent on coffee each year and the drink in its various forms is an essential part of life and culture for millions of people. But where does it all come from? Who grows and packs our coffee beans? Adventure journalist Simon Reeve embarks on a journey across…
The Greening of Cuba
Witness an entire nation transforming its agriculture using organic techniques. The Greening of Cuba profiles Cuban farmers and scientists working to reinvent a sustainable agriculture, based on ecological principles and local knowledge rather than imported machinery and agro-chemicals. When trade relations with the socialist bloc collapsed in 1990, Cuba lost…
Grow! A New Generation of Young Farmers
With the average age of farmers in the U.S. currently at 57, it's critical to encourage more young people to take up the plow. GROW! profiles a new crop of idealistic young farmers who have turned to the fields for a more fulfilling life, driven also by a strong desire…
The Rural Cooperative
Part of the Series: Taiwan / Faces of Change Series
The Tsau Tun Farmers' Association typifies rural cooperatives in Taiwan. 9,600 families own the cooperatives and rely on it for services ranging from irrigation, provision of seeds, farm implements, and fertilizers to crop storage and marketing. Filmmaker: Richard Chen, Frank Tsai
Root Hog or Die
From early Colonial times, the rural hilltowns of New England have been home to generations of dairy farmers. They earned their living through a remarkably varied combination of seasonal activities and incessant daily chores -- maple sugaring, plowing, planting, cultivating, haying, logging, clearing fields, building stone walls, mending fences, harvesting…
The World Food Paradox - A Feast Amid Famine
Winner of the 1991 First Place Documentary Award from Agricultural Communicators in Education, "A Feast Amid Famine" confronts the most startling contradiction facing modern food production. While 2,000 people die of starvation every hour, mountains of surplus food go to waste. Often donations of food to needy countries make the…