Courtroom Testimony
Part of the Series: Special Issues

In the Line of Duty
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Courtroom Testimony
Part of the Series: In the Line of Duty Volume 5
One of the most crucial aspects of any officer's responsibilities is also one of the most difficult and least understood: courtroom testimony. Proper handling of oneself during courtroom proceedings can make or break cases for law enforcement. This program will feature proper tactics, and courtroom procedure for cops from an…
Report Writing
Part of the Series: In the Line of Duty Volume 6
Includes Point by Point tips and lessons for officers on report writing and features the lead instructor for report writing from the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department. Issues Addressed: Report Writing / Legal Issues / Courtroom Testimony
DUI Patrol: Winning in Court
Part of the Series: In the Line of Duty Volume 7
One of the most successful DUI programs in the country is featured for training purposes; the Indianapolis P.D.'s nationally-recognized DUI arrest / prevention program is shown and includes information officers need to know about testifying in court in DUI cases. Issues Addressed: Courtroom Testimony / Report Writing
Domestic Violence / The Prosecution
Part of the Series: In the Line of Duty Volume 13
In this program, we will discuss the elements involved in investigating and prosecuting a domestic violence case. Thorough police work can make the prosecutor's job much easier by documenting the incident with copious note-taking, use of cameras, and even audio recordings of the victim's account. Issues Addressed: domestic violence; report…
In the Line of Duty Volume 5
12 Installments including Alabama Officer Beating, Verbal Judo I, Verbal Judo II, Texas Hostage Incident, Less Lethal Force, Explosive Recognition for Street Cops, Low-Light Shooting, Dealing with Meth Labs, Iron Will to Survive, Road Rage, Crowd Control, Courtroom Testimony
Ground-fighting Training Part 2
Part of the Series: In the Line of Duty Volume 7
Are you prepared for ground-fighting? Many officers are not aware that anytime you arrest someone or put your hands on someone, there is an extremely high possibility that you will end up on the ground. Furthermore, ground-fighting is often a live or die situation. This episode of "In the Line…
Ground-fighting Training Part 1
Part of the Series: In the Line of Duty Volume 7
Police work can be incredibly dangerous. This program will ensure that you are prepared for a situation where you need to partake in groundfighting. The course runs through various groundfighting training scenarios that are taught by the nationally-regarded D.T. instructor Sgt. Herb Hood of the Cincinnati Police Division. In addition…
Gun Safety/ 311 Non-Emergency
Part of the Series: In the Line of Duty Volume 2
A Los Angeles police officer loses a finger while retrieving a shotgun from a rooftop. His accidental injury should reawaken in all officers the necessity of handling any and all firearms with care. Plus, the Baltimore (MD) Police Department's success with their new 3-1-1 system for non-emergency calls is covered.…
Simple Spanish Commands
Part of the Series: Special Issues
With almost absolute certainty all peace officers at some point in their careers will deal with subjects who speak only Spanish. The Hispanic minorities in many of our urban and, indeed, rural communities are growing at a fast rate. Even communities in areas that traditionally had minimal, if any, Hispanic…
Trooper Knife Fight
Part of the Series: In the Line of Duty Volume 2
A Georgia State Trooper is involved in a knife fight with an ex-offender at a truck stop. This mazing incident will prove the immeasurable value of preparation and training for the unexpected, of which all officers must be aware. In-depth interview with trooper is included. There are several facets to…
Staying Calm Under Pressure--DISPATCHING
Part of the Series: Special Issues
Featuring comments from dispatchers in all regions of the nation, this program also includes vital tips and "lessons learned" from experts in dispatcher training. This video training program for dispatchers is a must for your department. Dispatchers are often the most neglected yet vital link in the lifeline of any…
Cops’ Response to Hate Crimes
Part of the Series: In the Line of Duty Volume 8
Virtually all law enforcement agencies have dealt with them: hate crimes. Whether they're ethnic, gangs, sexual preference, economic or without category, police officers need to learn how to best approach and deal with this problem. Issues Addressed: Hate Crimes / Interrogation-Interviewing / Crime Scene Investigation / Report Writing