Crime and Punishment

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Crime and Punishment Episode 1
Disaffected, poverty-stricken ex-student Raskolnikov believes there are certain people who should be 'allowed' to live whilst others 'deserve to die. When he acts on these beliefs and kills the miserable…
Crime and Punishment Episode 2
Dunya calls off her engagement to Luzhin. Meanwhile, unbeknown to her, Svidrigailov arrives in St. Petersburg. He has come to town to try and persuade Dunya of his love for…

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Crime and Punishment Episode 1
Part of the Series: Crime and Punishment
Disaffected, poverty-stricken ex-student Raskolnikov believes there are certain people who should be 'allowed' to live whilst others 'deserve to die. When he acts on these beliefs and kills the miserable old pawnbroker - and her younger sister who unhappily arrives on the scene - he is at first exultant, but…
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