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Grounded - One of the Largest Marijuana Smuggling Operations in US History
This is the high-flying, true story of Pittsburgh brothers Jimmy and Terry Dougherty, who became famous in the 1970's when they were involved in one of the largest marijuana smuggling operations in the United States. Jimmy worked the ground crew and Terry was the pilot whose aviation skills helped expand…
INTERPOL Investigates
Interpol is a unique player in law enforcement, a voluntary global alliance that traces its roots to 1923 when Vienna's chief of police gathered his counterparts in 20 countries to share crime tips and expertise. Today, Interpol is a low profile, high impact organization. The one hundred and eighty-one member…
Stolen Lives - Car Theft
This deeply-impacting short film deals with the highly-dangerous and -destructive criminal act of stealing cars. Far from joy-riding, the RCMP explain that the vast majority of car thieves are those who are addicted to drugs. They steal vehicles so that they can commit other crimes to raise money for more…
Tears For April - The Life and Death of April Reoch
This film destroys the myth that drug abuse affects just the user, as life and death unfolds in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver. 'Tears for April: Beyond the Blue Lens' follows the short, tragic life of April Reoch as told by Al Arsenault, the beat cop who first warned the…
A Jail in Colombia
A look inside the La Modelo prison in Bogota. Colombia. Called a "model" prison by Colombia officials the prison in reality is controlled more by the prisoners than the guards. With 5000 prisoners for 2400 spots, and not more than 150 security guards assigned to the prison. The prison is…
Sex Trafficking in the USA
Part of the Series: A Path Appears Series
The Department of Justice estimates that there are 300,000 children at risk of being trafficked into sexual slavery in the U.S. A Path Appears introduces individual survivors behind these shocking numbers, and illuminates the widespread existence of a crime happening in our own backyards. In this episode, Ashley Judd and…
Drug Recognition Experts
Part of the Series: In the Line of Duty Volume 12
Begun by the Los Angeles Police Department in the 1970's, the Drug Recognition Expert program takes the laboratory to the streets. These specially-trained law enforcement professionals can identify chemical and medical causes for impaired driving, and are improving their departments' legal cases in the process. Issues Addressed: Drugs
Drug Concealment Spots
Part of the Series: Special Issues
Your officers will be amazed at the ingenuity of the drug runners when it comes to concealing their dope. Some of the most surprising and clever drug concealment spots ever recorded are analyzed and graphically presented in this video. It's well worth adding to your video library, because until you've…
Updated Cincinnati White Castle Incident
Part of the Series: In the Line of Duty Volume 10
This is an updated version of the celebrated In the Line of Duty video on how officers can do everything right and things go wrong. In this case, a druggie high on a variety of drugs resists officers. After a long struggle, he is subdued, but moments later, dies. This…
Drug Concealment Spots
Part of the Series: In the Line of Duty Volume 12
Hidden compartments (traps) and what they contain are limited only by the imaginations of those who transport contraband. In this program, Retired Maryland Trooper Mike Lewis, Fairview Heights (IL) Police Chief Ed Delmore, and Agent Chris Utley from the 21st Judicial District (TN) Drug Task Force demonstrate these hiding places…
Incident At White Castle
Part of the Series: Special Issues
This video documents in complete detail one of the most controversial incidents in the history of the Cincinnati Police Department. The incident centers on the attempted arrest of a 350 pound man high on drugs. He resisted arrest and fought with officers for several minutes before they finally subdued him…
Washington/Peru: We Ain't Winning!
In Washington/Peru: We Ain't Winning!, producer David Feingold and director Shari Robertson investigate the situation in Peru in the early 1990s - a case that, according to one U.S. congressman, "defies all description and solution." Internal conflict rages between the government and Shining Path communist guerillas, while the United States…