Data Analytics
Episode 36 of Redefining Reality

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Big Data: Good for the Customer Not Just the Business
Part of the Series: Business Intelligence Collection
An important lesson learned about Big Data is that collecting and storing data may be the easier part of the job, analyzing and utilizing the data, well, that's the challenging task. It's become abundantly clear, that today's organizations need to work through the challenges and come full circle with their…
Big Data in the Enterprise: An Introduction
Part of the Series: Business Intelligence Collection
IT professionals around the globe are now being challenged to manage, organize and analyze these vast data sets strategically; to identify new business trends, conduct highly-advanced product research and even predict threats to enterprise security. This report will introduce and explore the world of "Big Data" and offer advice and…
The Surveillance State - Big Data, Freedom, and You
A man shoots down a drone that is flying over his private property. A retail store uses predictive data analytics to send pregnancy-related advertising to a teenager who has not told her parents about her condition. A police officer places a GPS device on a suspected criminal's car to follow…
Your Personal Data Is the Product
Episode 18 of The Surveillance State
Surveillance dilemmas also play a significant role in the commercial world, where private companies have amassed incredible amounts of data about us. Step into the intriguing world of commercial data aggregation and predictive analytics, and explore the complicated legal and ethical questions surrounding the commercial collection and use of data.
Yanomamo: A Multidisciplinary Study
Part of the Series: Yanomamo Collection
This film illustrates the field techniques used by a multidisciplinary team of researchers from the University of Michigan in collaboration with their Venezuelan colleagues. The expedition shown here included specialists in human genetics, serology, epidemiology, demography, dentistry, physical and cultural anthropology, and linguistics. The film describes the team's objectives -…
Enterprise Security Landscape: Risks and Controls
Part of the Series: SmartPros Auditing Collection
Course Overview As our society grows increasingly interconnected through the Internet and a myriad of wired and wireless devices, managing the security of critical company information becomes more and more of a challenge. In our final segment, Jack Danahy, Director of Advanced Security at IBM, examines the current global enterprise…
The Stellar Atom-Building Machine
Episode 5 of The Nature of Matter
Where did atoms come from? Trace the story of nucleosynthesis--the formation of complex nuclei and atoms. Cover this process from the big bang, which filled the universe with hydrogen and helium, to the events inside stars that produced practically all of the heavier elements.
The Science of Information - From Language to Black Holes
The science of information is the most influential, yet perhaps least appreciated field in science today. Never before in history have we been able to acquire, record, communicate, and use information in so many different forms. Never before have we had access to such vast quantities of data of every…
Privacy for the Cyber Age
It appears our current conceptions of privacy in cyberspace will disappear. So what can we do about it? By exploring how the government and private sector use "Big Data"--and how "Big Data" can keep the government honest--you'll discover insights into how we can evolve our privacy laws while embracing new…
Redefining Reality - The Intellectual Implications of Modern Science Series
No subject is bigger than reality itself, and nothing is more challenging to understand, since what counts as reality is undergoing continual revision and has been for centuries. For example, the matter that comprises all stars, planets, and living things turns out to be just a fraction of what actually…
The Mole
One of the most important concepts to master in an introductory chemistry course is the concept of the mole, which provides chemists with a way to "count" atoms and molecules. Learn how scientists use the mole and explore the quantitative definition of this basic unit.
Best Practices for Improving Data Quality
Poor data quality wastes time, effort, and of course, money. Through this report, we intend to raise the level of awareness about the critical nature of data quality for organizations today. In addition, we'll offer IT and business professional's advice and best practices to guide them towards improved data quality…