The Day the '60s Died
The Political Context of the Kent State Shooting

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1972—China Enters the World Balance
Nixon's meeting with Mao shifted the cold war's balance and returned China to the world stage. Learn the reasons for Nixon's trip, the consequences of which still reverberate, and plot the rise of Mao and communism in China. Then, see how Deng Xiaoping's promotion of private enterprise began a trajectory…
Part of the Series: 100 Years, 100 Events
Every decade has its share of important events. But in this completely engrossing series we bring you only the best, the most far-reaching, the most worldly, and the most consequential. You will see a unique clarity of history through the "most privy" in insider accounts and expert witnesses. Events include:…
Phans of Jersey City
A true gem of 1970s American cinema verite filmmaking re-released! The Phans of Jersey City fills a gap in our cinematic history of Vietnam by documenting a South Vietnamese family recently relocated to the United States. Evoking the realist style and domestic drama of An American Family, the filmmakers lived…
Cyclone Tracy - Darwin, Christmas 1974
Christmas is always a time to remember. Christmas 1974 will long be remembered in Australia's Northern Territory. Early in the morning of December 25 the Territory's capital city - Darwin - was destroyed by Cyclone Tracy. The city became the site of possibly the greatest natural disaster in the nation's…
A truly unique documentary that examines the controversial ideas of psychiatrist and philospher R. D. Laing. Asylum is both an exploration of Laing's alternative theories on schizophrenia and an invaluable record of the day-to-day lives of some forgotten members of society.
Officers (Ofitsery)
One of the most popular and favourite films in Russia, Officers (Ofitsery) follows at length the lives of two friends - Alexei Trofimov and Ivan Varrava. In the 1920s they served together at a frontier outpost, fighting with the basmachs. It was there that the young men first heard, and…
The Arrival of Multiplexes and Asian Mainstream
Part of the Series: The Story of Film
Star Wars, Jaws and The Exorcist created the multiplexes, but they were also innovative. The Story of Film: Part 11 explains how, and then travels to India where the world's most famous movie star, Amitabh Bachchan, shows how Bollywood was doing new things in the 70s. And we discover that…
U.S v. Narciso, Perez & the Press
Using interviews, archival video and photos, and FBI documents obtained via FOIA, U.S. v. Narciso, Perez & the Press is a half-hour documentary that reconstructs the trial of two Filipina nurses convicted of poisoning patients in the VA Hospital in Ann Arbor, MI in the 1970s. During a six-week period…
U.S. Presidents Vol. II 1974 - 1988
Part of the Series: U.S. Presidents 1929-2008
U.S. Presidents Vol. II 1974 - 1988 features the following key speeches:
  • Gerald R. Ford assumes the Presidency
  • Ford announces to the Nation the pardon of Richard Nixon
  • President Ford delivers his final State of the Union
  • Jimmy Carter's Inauguration
  • President Carter delivers the State of the Union
  • Ronald…
Gerald R. Ford: All American President
Featuring Highlights of major speeches given by President Gerald R. Ford
  • Gerald R. Ford is sworn in as President - August 9, 1974
  • President Ford grants full pardon for Richard Nixon - September 8, 1974
  • Amnesty Program from Draft Dodgers & Deserters - September 16,…
  • Waiting for Fidel
    A movie-making threesome hope that Fidel himself will star in their film. The unusual crew consists of former Newfoundland premier Joseph Smallwood, radio and television owner Geoff Stirling and NFB film director Michael Rubbo. What happens while the crew awaits its star shows a good deal of the new Cuba,…
    Magical Death
    Part of the Series: Yanomamo Collection
    The shaman plays a vital role in Yanomamo society, for it is he who calls, commands, and often is possessed by spirits, or hekura. "Like myriad glowing butterflies dancing in the sky," the hekura come down invisible trails from the mountain tops when they are summoned. A powerful shaman such…