Design: All About Textiles

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Clothing Fibres
A Clothing & Textiles 101 overview of the elements of fabric, this curriculum-based program introduces students to the basic differences between natural and synthetic fibres, the primary types of fibers, and how their qualities - from shape and origin to size and luster - make them unique, influence clothing appearance…
Understanding Fabrics
This program is a fast paced introduction to fabric science. Viewers learn about fabrics that repair broken hearts, stop bullets, fight fire, stop water, and enable people to fly. They tour a textile mill and watch raw acrylic become fabric. This program teaches how to recognise the basic weaves, how…
Textiles Carbon Fibers, Flexible & Tough
Part of the Series: Show Me Science Series - Advanced
Engineers are constantly developing new lightweight, durable textiles to be used in many facets of our daily lives. Manufacturers of airplanes and automobiles are increasingly turning to textiles, such as carbon fibers, to produce their new models. They rely on carbon fibers due to light weight and durable properties. For…
Design: The Elements
The elements of design are the components that are used to create a complete design. Interior designer Brandi Hagen presents a basic overview of the elements of design applied to interiors and fashion including line, shape, texture and color.
Interior Design Project: Furniture Styles
What's your design style? Join award winning principal designer Brandi Hagen of Eminent Interior Design on a tour of furniture showrooms to discover the distinguishing characteristics of furniture and decorating styles. Brandi gives viewers insight into the furnishings and finishes of eleven different styles.
Career Compass
Explore careers in child development, clothing & textiles, food & nutrition, and housing & interior design with this brand new series!
Design: All About Color
Color has the ability to create emotion and influence our moods. Color is a powerful tool in interior design and fashion. Interior designer Brandi Hagen discusses: History of color and the development of color theories, the color system, color sheel, warm & cool colors and color schemes.
Interior Design Project: Step By Step Bathroom Remodel
An interview and behind the scenes footage with Brandi Hagen, the award winning Principal Designer of Eminent Interior Design, gives the audience insight into the p rocess, pitfalls and professional touches involved in designing an amazing master bathroom. From studio to showroom to a fnal tour, Brandi focuses on client…
Jobs in Clothing, Textiles & Fashion: Career Compass
Part of the Series: Career Compass
Many different people work in clothing and fashion - and they're not all cut from the same cloth! Each professional plays a very different role in transforming a piece of fabric into a garment or the inspiration for a fashion publication. Explore the world of a clothing designer, fashion journalist…
Seventh Avenue: America’s Premier Fashion Center
When retailers come to New York in search of the latest fashion innovations, they head for Seventh Avenue. They are shown the newest vendor offerings and choose those that seem headed for success. It's no simple task to bring these offerings to the marketplace. The road is long and tedious…
Todd Oldham
Part of the Series: Designer Marathon Volume 1
In the nineties, the hottest ticket during New York fashion week was Todd Oldham's celebrity-studded show. The easy-going Texan ruled the runways with his colorful, kitschy concoctions. His skill with beadwork and hand-dyed textiles proved his shows were more than just a party. The master of the mix, his eclecticism…
Guy Laroche & Andreas Eberharter & Victoria Kyriakidis
GUY LAROCHE Marcel Marongiu sees fashion design as a genuine means of communication. He wants people to be able to live out their fantasies by wearing his clothes and to discover what he terms "la vie plus belle," the beautiful life. Marongiu designs clothes that are classically elegant yet also…