Design I: The Elements

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Design: The Elements
The elements of design are the components that are used to create a complete design. Interior designer Brandi Hagen presents a basic overview of the elements of design applied to interiors and fashion including line, shape, texture and color.
Career Compass
Explore careers in child development, clothing & textiles, food & nutrition, and housing & interior design with this brand new series!
Design II: The Principles
A lively, entertaining, quickly-paced video narrated by an award-winning actress! Take your students on a whirlwind tour of the natural world, the fashion world, ancient times, modern past-times, interiors, exteriors, and everything in between for a thorough grounding in the PRINCIPLES of design; balance, rhythm, scale, proportions, and harmony. (Revised…
Why We Wear Clothes: The Functions of Fashion
As a tool of the individual and of culture, clothing has meaning. In this program, students explore the functional, social, and psychological aspects of clothing. Viewers learn how clothing provides more than just protection from the elements; it offers comfort, helps us to fit in with our peer group, and…
Simonds Stadium, Geelong
Part of the Series: Sacred Spaces
May 2014 - Warrick Chalmers, Principal of Populous. Marco Bonadio Kane Constructions.One of the largest and most prestigious venues in Victoria.
Innovation Through Technology: The Differentiators
In this keynote session (from the 13 October 2010 21st Century Learning Institute), Cheryl Lemke shows how to design tomorrow's curricula by using research in sociology, learning and neuroscience as reinforcement for the key elements in 21st century learning
  • Democratisation of knowledge
  • Critical and creative thinking
  • Web 2.0 and…
CPR Training
This Australian CPR Training Video follows the guidelines issued by the ARC in December 2010. Designed as a training aid for professional first aid instructors. 'CPR Training' is also suitable for reinforcing and revising CPR techniques. This program uses a mix of demonstration and state-of-the-art animation to explain why, when…
Leisure Ware
There are people who are always drawn to danger, who wish to go higher and further, who desire to pit themselves against the elements, and who choose to battle against the most dangerous conditions. These people demand the best in terms of clothing and equipment. And as we see here,…
Interior Design Project: Step By Step Bathroom Remodel
An interview and behind the scenes footage with Brandi Hagen, the award winning Principal Designer of Eminent Interior Design, gives the audience insight into the p rocess, pitfalls and professional touches involved in designing an amazing master bathroom. From studio to showroom to a fnal tour, Brandi focuses on client…
Matter In Action Series, for Middle School
Specifically designed for and correlated to the curriulum of a middle school science course, this series explores the key concepts on Natural Matter (solids, liquids and gases) and helps instructors to teach challenging concepts. The films, and accompanying teacher materials, are a great asset for teachers and teachers in training…
State Library of Victoria
Part of the Series: Sacred Spaces
June 2010 - Justin Madden, Minister for Planning 2006-2010. A bastion of learning and a world leader in design.
Interior Design Project: Furniture Styles
What's your design style? Join award winning principal designer Brandi Hagen of Eminent Interior Design on a tour of furniture showrooms to discover the distinguishing characteristics of furniture and decorating styles. Brandi gives viewers insight into the furnishings and finishes of eleven different styles.