Developing Your Child's Emotional Intelligence

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Parenting Babies
Bringing a little one into your home is a life-changing and sometimes overwhelming experience, which is not always easy to navigate. This "Speaking from Experience" program features interviews with parents of children of all ages describing their experiences parenting their children from birth to 12 months old. They share the…
Raising Emotionally and Socially Healthy Kids
As a parent, you can't make friends for your children, nor can you prevent them from ever feeling upset. But with the right guidance, you can support them in learning how to solve problems, cope with feelings, and build satisfying relationships. Gain a deeper understanding of your child's development and…
Parenting Toddlers
The toddler years are marked by significant behavioral and developmental changes in your child, making it a wondrous, but often challenging time for parents. This "Speaking from Experience" program features interviews with parents of children of all ages describing their experiences parenting their children from 1 to 3 years old.…
Joys & Concerns of Parenting
What does it really mean to be a parent? There are many challenges and adjustments that first-time parents face when their baby is born. One family shares the joys and challenges of parenting in this practical and encouraging video. Mom and Dad both discuss the things they have learned and...What…
Playing Well with Others
Explore the stages of how children learn to play: solitary, parallel, associative, and cooperative play. Witness the extraordinary variety of children's pretend play and understand its social and emotional importance. Dive into the research and learn what experts say about war games and roughhousing. Finally, take a look at games…
Episode 3 of Myths of Childhood
In the era of psychology, contemporary parents have assumed responsibility for the emotional well being, self esteem and happiness of their children. But do parents expect too much of themselves and their children. Is it possible to have a perfect childhood?
Portraits of Emotion - The Story of an Autistic Savant
Portraits of Emotion is a feature length documentary film that follows over the course of four years the life of 14-year-old Jonathan Lerman, an artistic prodigy who is diagnosed with autism, a lifelong developmental disability that affects learning, communication and social interaction. While capable of drawing astonishing portraits that capture…
Better Sleep for the Whole Family
Focus on helping children of any age (and their parents) get a good night's sleep. You'll learn how to establish healthy sleep associations with children, go inside sleep issues like narcolepsy and sleep apnea, and learn how to help "reset" a child's body clock to get better sleep.
Suicide Examined
In the last half-century, suicide rates have increased nearly 60% worldwide. This is your opportunity to investigate ways to think about this stigmatized subject. You'll examine what great philosophers and holy books say about suicide, and consider the numerous factors that sometimes compel people to take their own lives.
Just Add Spice: - Parenting for Happy, Healthy Kids
Just Add Spice is a learning tool for parents of children ages 3-6. It teaches how to use positive parenting skills to help children learn healthy habits. This learning resource of video and print materials follows four families as they attempt to instill healthy habits in their kids by using…
Psychotherapy with Medically Ill Children - With Gerald Koocher
Many therapists feel overwhelmed with the prospect of helping children cope with physical illness. Learn from expert in the field Gerald Koocher as his warm relational stance and play therapy techniques allow children to share their experiences regarding their illnesses. In this video, watch as he maintains a developmental focus…