Dialectical Behavior Therapy with Marsha Linehan

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I'm sure a lot of you would feel deflated and monotone if you had to spend decades listening to the same dialogue over and over from thousands of patients across her career. In fact, monotone is not indicative of a lack of empathy, rather she is simply listening and sometimes challenging or ...Read more

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Linehan does an amazing job of setting a boundary and validating the valid--reflecting his feelings while challenging him with her honesty.

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ugh. she actually says "yeah, yeah" when the guy is talking. Like "whatever, I get it." So masculine. Not someone I would want to tell my problems to. But DBT is fascinating stuff.

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wow what a boring assignment. This lady does not have the most enthusiastic tone and she is not that convincing

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Marsha Linehan seems to lack the capacity for overt empathy....I would not stay if she were my therapist! Her technique is great though

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