Discrimination at Work

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Discrimination at Work, Part 1
PART 1: Introduction Discrimination occurs when an employer treats someone unfairly for no justifiable reason. Businesses guilty of discrimination may be liable for prosecution. But what does the law say?…
Discrimination at Work, Part 2
PART 2: Teresa's Story Hotel worker Teresa tells her boss she's pregnant. Her boss seems happy for her. Then their relationship breaks down and Teresa gets the sack. Her boss…
Discrimination at Work, Part 3
EXTRA: "Discrimination - A Hard Case to Prove". A solicitor explains the difficulties of proving cases of discrimination in the workplace.

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Employment laws affect both employers and employees in many different ways. This film explains the key bits of legislation and examines how they work in the real world.
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Some "cultural givens" are so deeply imbedded as to be invisible to those who hold them. These assumptions lead to communication breakdowns that cause embarrassment, frustration, or even discrimination. Communicating Between Cultures shows how to improve communication in a series of eye-opening cross-cultural situations.
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Prejudice is a docu-drama that portrays stories of discrimination experienced by two young women from different backgrounds. Prejudice combines the use of actors and real people. In this exciting drama, officers of the Anti-Discrimination Board, union representatives and members of the legal profession play themselves. The first story concerns Jessica,…
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