Dispute Resolution
The Scholarship Dispute

LaTrobe University School of Law
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RE: The student being rude referring to Kerry as she and her. Absolutely. My year 8 English teacher taught us that 'she' is the cat's mother! Amazing the student got away with it in this fictitious forum, and I think generally the student possibly lucky for the more mature approach about ...Read more

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The student was very rude referring to Kerry as she and her !

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I unfortunately don't think that this scenario sounds very realistic.

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This video is really good but it doesn't show the realistic part of when parties do get frustrated. It is hard to believe that a matter can be so easily solved,

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This was an excellent video for students. I was unsure though wether the private mediation with the lady was supposed to be recorded. Because her private thoughts would also be important, for the end result.
Brilliant thank you guys

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