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When I was at high school there was a book in the school library. It was a book on death, it was the worst sort of exploitative pictures of people killed in various unpleasant ways. It was horrible. It was also the most read book in the library. People have been interested in what goes on ...Read more

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I See Your Ability
Listen 2 the Kids as they talk about the inclusion of their friends with special needs in the classroom, on the playground and in the lunchroom. This brief study of the inclusion process in an exemplary elementary school accents the joys and challenges of everyday life. The culture of acceptance…
The Making of the Human Body
Part of the Series: Human Body Series
Robert Winston reveals the secrets behind The Human Body. Including how the latest medical imaging techniques were combined with 3-D graphics to show what our bodies look like.
Recovering Bodies: Overcoming Eating Disorders
Recovering Bodies features college students on the subject of eating disorders. They share their stories and experiences about the wide range of pressures that can lead to disordered eating, while providing valuable personal insights into the variety of psychological and physical symptoms involved. Also features expert commentary from professionals, and…
A Patient's Guide
This 6-part series is designed to educate individuals and nursing students on what a patient should expect after receiving diagnoses or surgery recommendations for some of today's most common medical conditions and procedures. Included in each program are risk reduction recommendations, detailed 3-D anatomy, treatment options and what to expect…
The Human Brain: In Situ
Part of the Series: FENC Nursing & Medical Collection
Professor Susan Standring, Professor of Applied Neurobiology at United Medical and Dental Schools in Guy's and St Thomas' Hospitals in London, conducts a basic anatomical examination of the human brain and its connections in the skull. She also examines the brain and spinal cord using museum specimens. Filmed in the…
The Aging Game
Helping medical students prepare for careers in the field of gerontology, Dr. Jim Pacala, Dean of the University of Minnesota Medical School, introduces these eager clinicians to the world of their patients. In The Aging Game, the students become patients, young become old, and these doctors-in-training see meal-time in the…
Career Decisions: Nursing - An Invaluable Guide to Prospective Nursing Students
Using interviews with working nurses, doctors, hospital administrators and nursing school teachers from the prestigious University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus in Denver, CAREER DECISIONS: NURSING provides an invaluable guide to prospective nursing students. This video covers how the modern nurse has become an integral part of the healthcare team,…
Asperger Syndrome: Success in the Mainstream Classroom
This program offers proven tips and techniques for integrating students with Asperger Syndrome and similar conditions into a mainstream classroom. It includes interviews with Psychologist Jed Baker (Director of the Social Skills Project), regular and special education teachers, parents, an instructional aide, and a child study team case manager/social worker…
2e: Twice Exceptional - Gifted Children With Learning Disabilities
2e: Twice Exceptional examines the concept of "twice exceptionality" - gifted or highly gifted children with learning disabilities and/or differences. Some have trouble interpreting social cues and processing visual and auditory information. Others have difficulty with time management and organization; they may finish their homework but routinely forget to turn…
Medical School for Everyone - Pediatrics Grand Rounds
Kids, for all their youth and vigor, aren't indestructible. They're always growing, which makes their health needs different from those of the average adult. Enter pediatricians: trained medical experts whose sole mission is to help children reach their maximum potential. Pediatrics, which focuses on the medical care of children from…
Autism at School
For children on the Autism spectrum, school can be a frightening, even sickening place. From high-functioning Aspergers Syndrome to severe autism at the other end of the spectrum, a child's ability to learn can be severely affected by anxiety and difficulties understanding and communicating with teachers and other students. As…
Adolescent Cognition - Thinking in a New Key
Part of the Series: Constructivism
It is not just teenage bodies that undergo tremendous changes in adolescence; young minds begin working in new ways that sometimes cause awkward situations just as do the newly elongated legs or deeper voices. Referring to the work of Piaget, Erikson, Goffman and his own studies, David Elkind looks at…