Duck, Duck, Comma, and Duck
Part of the Series: English Grammar Boot Camp

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Verbs like Hacer and Interrogative Words
Study the verb hacer (to make or to do), and learn some of the many familiar expressions that use it. Continue with the similar verbs poner, salir, and traer, and take a deeper look at Spanish interrogatives. Learn how to talk about punctuation in Spanish, and discover how it is…
Prescriptivism: Grammar Shoulds and Shouldn’ts
Part of the Series: English Grammar Boot Camp
Here, investigate prescriptive grammar: the set of rules that tell us what we should and shouldn't do in formal English. Trace the history of specific grammatical rules and of academic usage guides, and note how such guides justify right" vs. "wrong." Learn about historically famous grammarians, whose opinions about usage…
Descriptivism: How Grammar Really Works
Part of the Series: English Grammar Boot Camp
Now dive into descriptive grammar: the rules that describe actual usage. In examples ranging from contractions to word order and negation, observe the wealth of grammatical knowledge that you know intuitively. Consider how comparing the descriptive with the prescriptive can help you make more informed choices about usage.
Desperately Seeking Sheila: Episode 2
Part of the Series: Desperately Seeking Sheila
The guys take their respective 'sheilas' back to the bush at the start of a 3 week stay. Nicola is put to work on Ashley's farm and surprises him when she takes to farm duties like a duck to water. Enigmatic bachelor boy Pankaj gets off to a bad start…
I Am the Blues - Tracing Blues Music Roots
From juke joints to church halls, up the mountain and down to the bayou, I AM THE BLUES travels the back roads with the last of the blues legends. I AM THE BLUES takes the audience on a musical journey through the swamps of the Louisiana Bayou, the juke joints…
Fishing at the Stone Weir, Part 1
Part of the Series: Netsilik Eskimo Series
Part 1 Full summer, and the tundra is bare; skin tents are up and it is time to attend to the fishing as the fish move upstream. The men are in the river, lifting stones and placing them to form enclosures to trap the fish. A woman skins a duck…
Rivals and Friends
Part of the Series: The Unfinished Nation Series
Election of 1796, first contested presidential election, won by John Adams. His opponent, Thomas Jefferson becomes vice-president. Adam's difficult relationship with cabinet, congress, and Jefferson. Struggle with France on the high seas; the Alien and Sedition Acts set stage for election of 1800, won narrowly by Jefferson. Lame-duck Congress changes…
War Without Weapons
A behind-the-scenes look at the Victorian Football League team, North Melbourne, and the preparation and physical build-up that goes into getting a team ready for the top Australian Rules football competition. Ron Barassi, from North Melbourne, is shown in his role as a top VFL coach and we follow the…
The Dreaming Series 2
The Dreaming is an award winning animation series recommended by educational institutions throughout Australia. There are 6 parts to the complete series, and each looks at unique indigenous stories, beautifully animated by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists. The stories tell us things about the land, animals and birds, the…
Quantum Cryptography via Entanglement
Learn how a feature of the quantum world called entanglement is the key to an unbreakable code. Review the counterintuitive rules of entanglement. Then play a game based on The Newlywed Game that illustrates the monogamy of entanglement. This is the principle underlying quantum cryptography.