Edgar Allan Poe: A Journey in Verse

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The Tell-Tale Heart         
"Madness, but will you say that I am mad? Murder, perhaps you judge too soon. For when you hear my story, you will certainly understand why, very gradually - I made up my mind to take the life of the old man." True to the words of master storyteller Edgar…
D.W. Griffith Volume 1 - Years of Discovery 1909 - 1913
For the five years between 1908 and 1913, D.W. Griffith directed some 450 films for the Biograph Company, delivering at a rate of two or three films per week. These films, one and two reels in length, are sometimes regarded as apprentice works, films in which Griffith borrowed, invented, and…
Storm Over Asia
The last of the three great films that V.I. Pudovkin directed in the 1920s, Storm over Asia (1928) is an acknowledged classic of Soviet silent cinema. Filmed largely on location in Mongolia, the film has an authentic documentary feel, though the story is a stirring melodrama. It concerns a young…
Hell's House
Independently produced by Bennie Zeidman, HELL'S HOUSE (1932) is a Pre-Code melodrama that captured Bette Davis and Pat O'Brien just before they were catapulted to superstardom at Warner Bros. An expose of the American penal system (not unlike I Am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang and The Mayor of…
A Fortunate Life Part 2
Part of the Series: A Fortunate Life
At eight years old, an impoverished Bert Facey was forced to start the backbreaking, dawn-to-dusk life of a farm labourer. Unschooled, his father dead, abandoned by his mother, by the age of twenty he had survived the rigours of pioneering the harsh Australian bush and the slaughter of the bloody…
Tol'able David
Tol'able David is a magnificent film, carefully transferred from the best available elements, and starring the great Richard Barthelmess (Broken Blossoms) in the title role. This rural adaptation of the David and Goliath tale chronicles the hero's passage into adulthood as he confronts three crooks looking for trouble. When the…
Daniel Deronda Episode 4
Part of the Series: Daniel Deronda
Daniel's mother has written to him. She wants to see him out in Italy. Sir Hugo tells Daniel he is not his father. Daniel keeps his promise to visit Gwendolen before he goes, but Grandcourt returns home to find them alone in the house together.
Sense and Sensibility Episode 3
Part of the Series: Sense and Sensibility
Marianne learns the full extent of Willoughby's betrayal and wrongdoing from Brandon, who reveals that Willoughby was disinherited by his aunt after getting a young girl (Brandon's own ward) pregnant. Willoughby then ran off to London to - successfully - find himself a rich heiress to marry. The shock of…
Lark Rise to Candleford Episode 9
Part of the Series: Lark Rise to Candleford
When the Lark Rise school loses its teacher, Emma steps in and discovers a talent she never knew she had. But Margaret, too, feels she is perfectly suited to the role, and an unexpected rivalry springs up. For Margaret, teaching offers a much-needed distraction from the heartbreak of remaining childless;…
Oliver Twist Episode 2
Part of the Series: Oliver Twist
Sikes escapes back to London with a badly wounded Oliver. Nancy nurses him, determined to save his life. Mr Bumble declares his love for Mrs Corney and captivated by the promise of social advancement, she agrees to marry him. On her deathbed, Sally tells Mrs Corney about the letter, the…
The Sky is Gray                                                                                                
From Ernest J. Gaines, author of "The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman", comes a deceptively simple, yet emotionally complex tale of a young boy's discovery of what it's like to be black in Louisiana during the 1940's. James, the boy in question, has a raging toothache that necessitates a trip…
Sense and Sensibility Episode 2
Part of the Series: Sense and Sensibility
COLONEL BRANDON is called away on urgent business and MARIANNE and Brandon's rival, WILLOUGHBY, are left to fall blissfully in love. ELINOR finally receives her visit from Edward, but his behaviour is so odd and distant that she is far from reassured. SirJohn's nieces, the MISS STEELES, come to Devonshire…