Ely Parker (Seneca): Warrior in Two Worlds
Part of the Series: U.S. History Series

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Multi-Culture Celebrations - Celebrate!
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"Recommended. This is a no-frills, immediate experience of some of the different ethnic and racial groups that make up the American mosaic. The African American rodeo should be seen by everyone - so few Americans are aware of the Black presence in the far West. That this rodeo still takes…
Fritz Scholder: Painting the Paradox
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This is an impressionist study of Fritz Scholder (Luseino, 1937-2005), who was one of America's most respected Native American artists. Directed by the best-selling author Paul Perry ("Saved by the Light" and "Mastering Miracles") and narrated by Pulitzer Prize winning author N. Scott Momaday, this illuminating documentary takes viewers around…
In Caribou Country: The Adventures of W.B. Cabot
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"Recommended. Pictures of the Naskapi people and the harsh landscape are strikingly detailed. The faces and expressions are vivid and clear." -EMRO Review "Some of the artifacts Cabot gathered, including a drum, a bow and arrow, caribou-skin mittens and a pouch, and moccasins, are on display at Harvard's Peabody Museum…
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"Highly Recommended. Quality production values are evident throughout this lively and informative video. It leaves the viewer eagerly anticipating a visit to the nearest natural history museum. Includes an interview with James Gurney, author and illustrator of "Dinotopia," who discusses how the idea for his book grew out of a…
Diamonds in the Rough: Legacy of Japanese-American Baseball
"A perfect example of what the game of baseball has meant to all Americans." -Ted Spencer, National Baseball Hall of Fame "Baseball, and an unlikely hero, sustained hope for Japanese-Americans interned in WW II." -Sports Illustrated "Highly Recommended. This is an excellent documentary video about the little-known but fascinating history…
A Wyeth Hurd Original: Peter de La Fuente
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There is no mistaking the greatness associated with the names of Wyeth and Hurd in the world of American art. Now a fourth generation of artistic excellence has emerged from these two loved and admired families, Peter de La Fuente, a master of watercolor and egg tempera painting. As the…
Robert E. Lee - Beyond the Battles
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"Highly Recommended. Using contemporary on-location footage, re-enactors, photographic and portrait stills this production is an excellent look at the man, Robert Edward Lee. One historian has called him "the Marble Man" more an icon to the South than a flesh and blood man. This work gives us a look at…
Plant Factory
"Recommended. An optimistic view of biotechnology and plant genetic engineering in an easily understood and non-technical way." -EMRO Review England's green and pleasant land is turning yellow. Oil seed, a wonderfully adaptable plant, has become a prime crop. Genetic engineers hybridize it with alien species, alien material and in doing…
The Trail of Tears: Cherokee Legacy
"The Trail of Tears Cherokee Legacy", narrated by James Earl Jones and featuring Wes Studi (who speaks his native Cherokee in the film, with English subtitles), explores one of America's darkest periods. After the Louisiana Territory was purchased in 1803, the US Government adopted a policy to move Indians west…
The Statue of Liberty: Building a Colossus
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"Highly Recommended! An exceptional achievement, this is simply the best documentary on the Statue of Liberty ever made. It illuminates the forgotten story of the Statue of Liberty like no other program before it." -Barry Moreno, Author (The Statue of Liberty Encyclopedia) and Historian, Statue of Liberty National Monument "Highly…
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"Highly Recommended. This is the real story behind the cosmetic banana; the perfect flawless fruit that appears on tables everywhere. Although the sub-title highlights dangers of pesticide abuse, the program covers broader issues regarding banana plantations in Central America. It uncovers areas such as extreme exploitation of man and earth,…
Understanding Oceans
"Highly Recommended. This program describes our current knowledge of ocean science, and profiles the scientific process as it applies to oceanography; it delivers an accurate picture of modern oceanography and illustrates how each of these scientific disciplines adds to our knowledge of ocean life and ocean circulation; it includes excellent…