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Part of the Series: Business SoftSkills Series

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Cultural Awareness
The Cultural Awareness training video is a powerful yet easy-to-use tool for cross-cultural sensitivity training. As our world becomes increasingly global, people are increasingly likely to work with diverse people. It's up to you to provide the proper training essential for intercultural effectiveness. In this real world dramatization, you'll discover…
Decision Analysis - Why Don't We Naturally Make Good Decisions? By Ron Howard
Part of the Series: Stanford Executive Briefings
Decision making cuts across all human activities. Yet we rarely study--much less apply--the fundamental thinking processes that should be undertaken before we make important decisions. Most of us can't stop our emotions from having more sway than rational deliberation. Dr. Howard, who has spent much of his career studying this…
Tools for Bringing It All Together
Now that you've learned the steps of the creative-thinking process, learn how to arrange everything in your toolkit using metacognition and several "metaprocess" skills. You'll see these tools in action in a variety of scenarios, and you'll also get the inside scoop on how to dodge common metacognition mistakes.
The Office: Minutes of Meeting
Part of the Series: The Office
The four programs making up The Office provide a unique opportunity to observe the staff of a busy office dealing with a range of everyday office activities. They are seen making phone calls, arranging meetings, briefing members of a team, discussing a new project and planning it and, all the…
Cross-Cultural Communication
The Cross Cultural Communication video is a powerful tool to train your employees on skills for a multicultural organization. You'll empower them to communicate more effectively, master nonverbal interaction, and understand what's really being said across cultures. As our world becomes increasingly interconnected, people increasingly encounter problems when communicating with…
Asperger Syndrome at Work - Success Strategies for Job Seekers and Employees
Employees who have Asperger Syndrome (also known as Autism Spectrum Disorder - Level 1) and their supervisors, co-workers and job coaches reveal their secrets to getting and keeping a job. The program covers job coaching, personal assessments, choosing careers based on interests and strengths, applying, interviewing, disclosure, supports, accommodations, interacting…
Optimizing IT to Meet Business Objectives
How can companies ensure that IT services are directed and optimized to implement critical business objectives? Wendell Jones of Cutter Consortium helps IT managers cope with what has become one of the most difficult -- yet exciting -- jobs in any organization. The program describes techniques that will help IT…
Negotiating Agreements for Software Development and ERP Projects
In just the past year or so, projects such as the UK government's PS12 billion pound National Health Service IT project, New York City's infamous City Time Project and Idaho's Medicare claims processing system have ended up hopelessly delayed, totally scraped or tied up in lengthy court battles. In this…
Designing and Implementing Enterprise Mobile Strategies
There is no question that businesses are going toward more mobile computing. Mobile solutions enable the enterprise to respond quickly to customer and market demands, increase productivity and improve internal collaboration. In order to maximize the benefits and minimize the risks with mobile solutions, organizations need to plan and implement…
Jack Zenger - The Inspiring Leader
Part of the Series: Stanford Executive Briefings
What defines great leadership? Using original research on 360-degree feedback data for thousands of managers, Jack Zenger,with colleagues Joseph Folkman and Scott Edinger, identified 16 specific competencies the most effective leaders share. Of these, the ability to inspire and motivate others to high performance had the most significant, positive impact…
Gen Y Decoded - Insights and Tactics for Leaders by Kit Yarrow
Part of the Series: Stanford Executive Briefings
Program Highlights
  • They're not just young, they're different.
  • Why meaningful work may trump salary as a motivator.
  • How Gen Y and Boomers can help each other.
Today's young workers are a new breed, thanks to two unique forces in their upbringing. Raised during the self-esteem movement, they are…
Business Intelligence: Best Practices for Successful Project Management
Managing a business intelligence (BI) project is more involved than managing other types of IT projects. For this reason, BI project management requires different techniques and methods to succeed. This program discusses best practices for organizing and managing a BI project. David Sterling, CEO and principal consultant for Sterling International…