The End of Education

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Captive Audience - Advertising Invades the Classroom
Captive Audience examines how the introduction of advertising into the classroom, along with the reliance on commercial interests to fund schools, is undermining the democratic mission of public education. The video includes close analysis of exclusive soda contracts, Channel One, and sponsored educational materials.
Historic Site: A Sculptor's View
What is a 'candlepoise'? The Normans' version of a table lamp, of course - according to Stirling Clark, sculptor-in-residence during 1991 at Dover Castle, Kent, England. Clark's brief was to base his own two- and three-dimensional work on aspects of the castle, and to develop and teach programs of art,…
The Classroom Experiment
In this two-part series, The Classroom Experiment, theory and practice meet head on as education expert Professor Dylan Wiliam sets up an experimental school classroom. For one term, he takes over a Year 8 class at a secondary comprehensive to test simple ideas that he believes could improve the quality…
Admissions - Student Stories from Undocumented America
This film delves into the inherent contradictions and psychological implications of undocumented students trapped at the intersection of education policy and broken immigration system. The stories of four students demonstrate both the dehumanizing effects of marginalization and their determination to receive a higher education. Experimental sound design, unsynchronized imagery, and…
Organizing for Literacy
Organizing for Literacy is a professional development series for implementing a balanced early literacy program based on apprenticeship theory. The series presents a complete early literacy resource, with the option of using individual videos to focus on a specific area of need. The programs illustrate the reciprocal nature of teaching…
Strategy Instruction in Action
As Stephanie Harvey and Anne Goudvis demonstrate in their popular book, Strategies That Work: Teaching Comprehension to Enhance Understanding, reading comprehension is about much more than answering literal questions at the end of a passage, story, or chapter. In this four-part video series, Stephanie and Anne invite you to join…
The School That Turned Chinese - An Education Culture Clash
In a unique experiment, five teachers from China take over the education of 50 teenagers in a UK school to see whether the high-ranking Chinese education system can teach the British education system a lesson. Will the harsh regime of long days and strict discipline produce superior students? Or will…
Scaffolding Self-Regulated Learning in Primary Classrooms
Part of the Series: Constructivism
Building on the ideas of Lev Vygotsky and Jerome Bruner, the consultants for this film worked with teachers in urban schools to foster self-regulated learning. This production presents both the theoretical underpinnings of their work and its results. Viewers visit busy classrooms where students are being helped to take responsibility…
Cognitive & Language Development
Part of the Series: Middle Childhood
In this video Piaget's theory of concrete operational development is looked at. It details information processing, cognitive advances and language development. How the school and parents function in respect to the classroom, bilingual education and IQ and achievement tests are also discussed.
Fact Finders!
Part of the Series: Teaching Reading Collection
When is the best time to invite students to become actively involved in think-alouds? Join classroom teacher, Patrick Allen, in this 35 minute video, and watch as he engages the students in his fourth-grade classroom, demonstrating that you don't need to wait very long to make the most of your…
Writing with Mentors
When learning how to write well, there is nothing more powerful than examining the work of the writers we admire. Real writers need mentors - those writers who inspire us and demonstrate through their style and craft how we, too, can be successful writers. In Writing with Mentors, Lynne Dorfman…
Learning Curves: Education
Part of the Series: The Way We Live Series
What kind of education a child can expect to receive may have less to do with the teacher and more to do socioeconomic status, race and culture. These and other factors make the question of how best to educate American children a complicated one. In this episode you will meet…