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Fambul Tok
Seven years after the last bullet was fired, a decade of brutal fighting in Sierra Leone finds resolution as people come together to talk around traditional village bonfires. Some had perpetrated terrible crimes against friends or family. Some had faced horrible losses: loved ones murdered, limbs severed. But as they…
Liberia: An Uncivil War
Liberia: An Uncivil War provides an in-depth case study of one of the many brutal civil wars which have sprung up like wild fires across Africa. It is an exciting example of war-time journalism - white knuckles reporting with bullets ricocheting just feet from the camera placed in a historical…
The Jewish and Samaritan Schism
After the end of the Babylonian exile in 539 B.C., returning exiles began to reestablish themselves in Jerusalem under Ezra and Nehemiah. This return would lead to a dramatic schism between Jews and Samaritans--one which, as you'll learn, would influence encounters with Samaritans in Jesus's own time.
War Don Don
In the heart of Freetown, the capital of Sierra Leone, United Nations soldiers guard a heavily fortified building known as the "special court." Inside, Issa Sesay awaits his trial. Prosecutors say Sesay is a war criminal, guilty of heinous crimes against humanity. His defenders say he is a reluctant fighter…
The Unfair Go!: Who Gives a Buck?
Part of the Series: The Unfair Go!
In Who Gives a Buck, survival is the only incentive for those who are welfare dependent. The program asks the questions...If you motivate the rich by giving them more money, why would you motivate the poor by giving them less? and how we can lift people out of the poverty…
Jewish Identity and Rebuilding after Exile
[Ezra, Nehemiah, Jonah] What did it mean to be Jewish after the Babylonian Exile? Professor Koester examines biblical books that offer differing perspectives. On one end: Ezra and Nehemiah, which define Israel by the temple, Jewish law, and Jerusalem. On the other: Jonah, where Israel's identity is defined by the…
God Willing - What Would You Do If Faith Took Your Child Away?
GOD WILLING is a new documentary feature directed by Evangeline Griego. The film examines the modern-day phenomenon of religious "intentional communities," or as they are often called, "cults." It takes as its focus "The Church," also known as "The Brotherhood," the 35-year-old ministry of shadowy messianic figure Jim Roberts. Since…
Daresalam (Let there Be Peace)
Daresalam is the first African feature film to focus on the civil wars convulsing the continent from Sierra Leone to Somalia. It provides compelling insights into how ordinary people around the world get swept up in extraordinary events. Its timeless story of two childhood friends turned into political foes personalizes…
Desire Will Set You Free
This film takes you deep into the free-spirited, drug-fueled, queer-paradise of contemporary Berlin. Ezra, a struggling American writer, meets Sasha, a Russian immigrant escort, and he introduces him to his world of clubs and parties, a dizzying and vibrant hedonistic underground. As they journey together through Berlin's layered history and…
Relentless is a coming-of-age story set in the bustling city of Lagos by successful Paris-based Art director, Andy Amadi. Obi, a young Nigerian peacekeeping soldier recently returned from an assignment in war-torn Sierra Leone, meets and falls in love with a local woman who ends up in the hands of…
Masada: Herod's Desert Palace and the Siege
After the end of the first Jewish revolt, three Herodian fortresses remained occupied by Jewish rebels. The most famous of these: Masada. Here, discover what archaeological evidence reveals about how an estimated 8,000 Roman soldiers encircled the mountain, built camps, and laid siege to the fortress and its 967 rebels.
The First Jewish Revolt: Jerusalem Destroyed
Relive the first Jewish revolt against Rome between 66 and 70 C.E. You'll follow the infighting among Jewish rebel groups, explore the sites of fierce battles between rebels and Roman soldiers, and follow the tactics of Roman generals such as Vespasian and Titus as they besiege Jerusalem.