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Protest in Film
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Strange Fruit: The Biography of a Song
Strange Fruit is the first documentary exploring the history and legacy of the Billie Holiday classic. The song's evolution tells a dramatic story of America's radical past using one of the most influential protest songs ever written as its epicenter. The saga brings viewers face-to-face with the terror of lynching…
Jimmy Carter: The President From Plains
Featuring highlights of the following major speeches given by the 39th President of the United States. Speech:
  • Inaugural Address - January 20, 1977
  • Fireside Chat from the White House - February 2, 1977
  • National Address on Energy from the Oval Office - April 18. 1977…
  • Millennium: Tribal Wisdom and the Modern World
    This wonderful 10 x 60 minute series asks what we have lost in our race toward the future, for some of the baggage we have cast off has proved to be essential: harmony with the natural world and with one another, humility and tolerance, and a sense of belonging. These…
    Horses of Gettysburg
    Humans have relied on horses since the dawn of time, but there is no stronger bond than between a horse and rider on the battlefield. Narrated by Ronald F. Maxwell, director of the epic films Gettysburg and Gods and Generals, Horses of Gettysburg captures the relationship between soldiers and their…
    The Reagan Wit
    Speeches and comments highlight the wit of President Ronald Reagan during his presidency from 1981-1989. Featured comments from: White House Correspondance Dinner 1985, 1986, 1987 & 1988 News Photographer's Dinner Editorial Cartoonist's Luncheon State of Union 1981 & 1988 Walter Mondale Debate RNC Convention 1980, 1984 & 1988
    Days the World Changed, Part 3
    Part of the Series: Days the World Changed
    'This series brings together some of the most significant events of the 21st century. Key moments that have changed our lives from the shocking tragedy of 9/11, to the cracking of the genome, to the launch of the iPod. This episode covers Fall of Berlin Wall, Official End of the…
    The Singing Revolution - How Music Toppled an Empire
    Most people don't think about singing when thinking about revolutions. But in Estonia song was the weapon of choice when Estonians sought to free themselves from decades of Soviet occupation. Few people know the crucial role one of the world's smallest nations played in bringing about the downfall of the…
    Harry S Truman: Speeches of the 33rd President of the United States
    Seen and heard in this original footage are the highlights of dramatic speeches delivered during his term as the 33rd President of the United States.
  • Oath of Office and speech before Congress - April 12, 1945
  • Address to Congress upon assuming the Presidency - April 16, 1945…
  • The War Against the Third World - What I’ve Learned About US Foreign Policy
    What I've Learned About US Foreign Policy: The War Against the Third World is an excellent and invaluable educational tool that reveals the true nature of U.S. foreign policy. It's been seen in many classrooms, churches, home screenings, on cable TV and shown by many Peace and Justice organizations. It…
    Lincoln and Lee at Antietam
    It's September 17, 1862 and President Abraham Lincoln needs a victory in order to issue the Emancipation Proclamation and end slavery in the South. But Robert E. Lee has other plans - invade the North. When Lee's strategy falls into the hands of the Union Army, the result is the…
    A Strong and Active Faith
    Part of the Series: The Roosevelts
    "A Strong and Active Faith" 1944-1962 By April of 1944, Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt have occupied the White House for more than eleven years. The President is secretly convalescing in South Carolina from a recently diagnosed bout of congestive heart failure while the war rages overseas and his family is…
    Paris Commands Its King
    March to Versailles with thousands of women and National Guardsmen to protest the price of bread and to lobby the king for political changes. This huge demonstration compelled the king and queen to move to Paris and revealed the power of popular activism.