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BUCKDANCER (1965) Featuring Panaloa County fife player Ed Young with Bessie Jones. Ed Young does the Buckdance, demonstrates making a fife, and plays a tune on the fif
Georgia Sea Island Singers
GEORGIA SEA ISLAND SINGERS (1964) Shot in 35mm film with multiple cameras on a soundstage when the Sea Island Singers were visiting Los Angeles, this program presents a small part…
Pizza Pizza Daddy-O
PIZZA PIZZA DADDY-O (1967) looks at continuity and change in girl's playground games at a Los Angeles school.
Say, Old Man, Can you play the Fiddle?
SAY OLD MAN CAN YOU PLAY THE FIDDLE (1970) Virtuoso fiddler Earl Collins, born in Shawnee, Oklahoma, moved to Southern California in the Depression. He plays Say Old Man Can…

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Part of the Series: Curiosity Quest
Join Joel on this flavorful quest as he learns how to make pizza from start to finish. Watch as Joel and the CQ crew designs their very own Curiosity Quest pizza and offer it to patrons at John's Incredible Pizza.
Vermont Kids
In the summer of 1975 John Marshall and Roger Hart documented the outdoor play activities of the children in a small Vermont town. Roger had just completed his dissertation from Clark University on the geography of children. John's 13 hours of 16mm footage comprised part of his detailed research on…
A Swiss Yodelling Series - "Jüüzli" of the Muotatal
These four films present a variant of an alpine singing type characterized by the swift alternation from chest voice to head voice, known since the nineteenth century under the German name of "yodel." In the Swiss German dialect of the Muotatal, a small valley in the Pre-Alps of central Switzerland,…
Summer Pasture
Filmed in the high grasslands of eastern Tibet, Summer Pasture offers an intimate glimpse into the life of a young nomad couple and their infant daughter. Locho and his wife Yama live in Dzachukha, eastern Tibet - nicknamed '5-most' by the Chinese for being the highest, coldest, poorest, largest, and…
Malawi's Green Revolution - Seeking Sustainability 1998-2015
Responding to recurrent food crises, by 1998 scientists in Malawi had developed and field-tested new maize varieties and crop combinations that promised Malawi a "Green Revolution." However, with farmers too poor to purchase seed and fertilizer, how to empower Malawi's farmers with this new technology? The answer came in a…
The Ballad of Esequiel Hernández
In 1997, no one in the small town (pop. 100) of Redford, Texas knew that U.S. Marine teams, fully camouflaged and armed with M16 rifles, had been secretly deployed to their section of the border. Farmers like the Hernandez family, who lived by the river, went on working their fields…
Siaka, An African Musician
Siaka Diabate is a musician at Bouake, the second largest town in the Cote d'Ivoire. Through his mother's family he is Senufo, but through his father's ancestry he considers himself a Mande griot. He is a multi-talented professional musician, and for the local festivals plays five instruments: the Senufo and…
Are'are Music
A fascinating documentation of the traditional musical culture of the 'Are'are people of the Solomon Islands, in the South-Western Pacific. The three LP records published after a first one-year field-research in 1969-70 were a "phenomenal surprise" (Garfias) as they revealed a completely unknown music (outside of the Solomon Islands) of…
John Bishop Short Films
DOCUMENTARY RED TOP SNUFF (shot 1975, edited 1999) (8:43) (co-produced with Barbara Ayres; Noah Bishop editor) Ben Pearson's family has been milling on the Parker River in Massachusetts since colonial times and began grinding snuff when the industrial revolution brought textile mills to the Merrimack Valley. The Byfield Snuff Company…
Short Films of Les Blank II
Five short films from Les Blank Films.
Real Water
Part of the Series: Kalahari Family Collection
Ju/'hoan farming communities multiply during the 1980s only to face a new threat. The Department of Nature Conservation wants to create a game reserve on Ju/'hoan territory. People will be forbidden to raise livestock or crops. Instead, Ju/'hoansi will be encouraged to act like "Bushmen" and hunt for the amusement…
New England Fiddles & New England Dances
Since colonial times, the fiddle has enjoyed a primary place in American traditional music. Playing the fiddle is both intensely personal and an expression of cultural aesthetics. The fiddler provides the spirit and music for dances which are important elements for community cohesion. New England styles and tunes originate in…