Financial Decisions 3

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Financial Decisions 2
Part of the Series: Accounting and Finance Collection
This dramatised case study highlights key financial issues in family firm Logical Friends. Lively scenarios outline typical financial dilemmas and viewers are invited to consider possible solutions. CRISIS, WHAT CRISIS? Logical Friends is a small computer business in financial difficulties. Sales have been falling for two years and if the…
Financial Management
Part of the Series: Accounting and Finance Collection
The film explains how two very different types of business manage their finances - high-flying salad bar chain Tossed and SRA, a social enterprise dedicated to helping people with mental health problems to get back to work. SOURCES OF FINANCE: Before you can do anything you need money. Tossed founder…
Putting Free Enterprise to Work on Energy and Climate
Course Overview After the volatility of recent years, there is little doubt that America needs a long-term, stable policy in order to achieve energy security and avoid the unnecessary risks of a changing climate. Our cameras were on hand as former Congressman Bob Inglis addressed the Robert Zicklin Center for…
Giving Leadership Away
Part of the Series: Business Skills Collection
The first reaction of most new leaders is to take on more work--it's a natural reflex. How else can they be sure their project gets done right? But the more the leader takes on, the less motivated the team members become. The greatest challenge for team leaders is to let…
Talk Isn't Cheap
Part of the Series: Business Skills Collection
Poor communication costs money. And it's not just money that's wasted; it's energy, enthusiasm for the job and relationships as well. In this age of empowerment and shared accountability for the bottom line, everyone must take responsibility for communicating clearly. This program demonstrates four practical, effective techniques for improving communication…
Energy Efficient Data Centers: Best Practices
With energy costs continuing to increase, organizations today are striving to design, build and manage Data Centers that are truly energy efficient. In so doing, they are exploring "green" design measures and utilizing more efficient cooling and IT systems. This course probes into ways that organizations can substantially reduce their…
The Stanford Video Guide to Financial Statements
Learn common-sense ways to get the most out of your financial statements with this accounting video. Want to get more out of financial reports? This entertaining story gives you a revealing look at the accounting standards that dictate how calculations are made, and the assumptions that can make a surprising…
Labor Automation: The Next Wave of Innovation
Enterprises today rely on technology, control systems, robotics and automated machinery to deliver high-quality products and services to global markets quickly and cost effectively. Experts tell us that the next major wave of innovation will center on the expansion of automated processes as industries and organizations look to further drive…
Accounting and Finance Clips 6: Costs and Profit
Clips explain and illustrate costs and profit using a variety of case study examples. Key Topics
  • Costs
  • Profits
  • Profit Quality
  • Working Capital
  • Depreciation
Beyond the Fraud Triangle - Expanding Your Perspective
Part of the Series: WatchIT Auditing Collection
Course Overview In the aftermath of the recession, companies are once again on the look-out for complex fraud schemes taking place. But, typically, white-collar criminals are not habitual offenders who set out to commit fraud or who are motivated solely by financial factors. Crowe Horwath's Jonathan Marks explains why fraud…
Principles of Cloud Computing - Perspectives on Business, Technology & Cost
This course, the first of a 3-part series, lays out the foundation and key principles of cloud computing. The initial section presents the variable cost business model, which some believe may be the greatest contribution that cloud computing is going to have in the next few years. This material contrasts…
Guerrilla Business Intelligence
Part of the Series: Business Intelligence Collection
Implementing Business Intelligence systems and solutions can be a lengthy and expensive process. Organizations today, looking to lower costs and achieve a faster turnaround, may want to consider a guerrilla-like approach for their BI initiatives. In this report, Karl Boone, from the globally based IT consulting firm, PA Consulting Group,…