Finding Face
Breaking the Silence of Domestic Abuse

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Domestic Violence / The Response
Part of the Series: In the Line of Duty Volume 13
In this program, we will look at the subject of domestic violence. A South Dakota teenager attacked his family, killing his mother and injuring his sister. We will review how officers responded to this incident and cover the many dangers of responding to domestic violence calls. Issues Addressed: domestic violence;…
Domestic Violence
Part of the Series: In the Line of Duty Volume 3
Anne O' Dell, a former veteran street cop provides highly-touted training for officers dealing with issues of domestic violence. Invaluable information and lessons for departments wanting to lower domestic violence also included. Issues Addressed: Domestic Violence / Interrogation-Interviewing / Report Writing / Crime Scene Investigation
Child Abuse
Part of the Series: In the Line of Duty Volume 4
Critical information for street cops in the recognition of child abuse as first responders. Included is a debriefing from Dr. Armand Brodeur, a foremost expert in recognizing and dealing with child abuse and in-depth information from the Minneapolis Police Department's "Child Abuse" Unit. Issues Addressed: Domestic Violence Response / Forensics…
A Death in St. Augustine
Part of the Series: Frontline
After four years and three government investigations, Gov. Rick Scott of Florida has assigned a new special prosecutor to re-examine the circumstances surrounding the shooting death of a deputy sheriff's girlfriend who was in the process of breaking up with him. The death of Michelle O'Connell, 24, in September 2010…
SWAT Miami - Elite SWAT Unit Tackles Drugs & Crime in Miami
In a city beset with drugs and violence, the Miami SWAT team confronts wave after wave of crimes. Miami is the gateway for cocaine in America with dealers and traffickers fighting for control, and in just the last year, 217 people were killed in drug-related violence. With an arsenal of…
Tears For April - The Life and Death of April Reoch
This film destroys the myth that drug abuse affects just the user, as life and death unfolds in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver. 'Tears for April: Beyond the Blue Lens' follows the short, tragic life of April Reoch as told by Al Arsenault, the beat cop who first warned the…
Breaking Our Silence - Gloucester Men Speak Out Against Domestic Abuse
This 11-minute documentary gives insight into the activist efforts of a group of men in the town of Gloucester, MA. Using footage from anti-violence marches and centering on community men speaking out against violence and domestic abuse, this video is an effective case study of how men can come together…
Domestic Violence / The Prosecution
Part of the Series: In the Line of Duty Volume 13
In this program, we will discuss the elements involved in investigating and prosecuting a domestic violence case. Thorough police work can make the prosecutor's job much easier by documenting the incident with copious note-taking, use of cameras, and even audio recordings of the victim's account. Issues Addressed: domestic violence; report…
In the Line of Duty Volume 9
12 Installments including DeKalb County TN Police Shooting, Weapon Retention, Jason's Story, Connecticut Officer Attacked, Knives Can Kill You--Fast, Strip Searches, Knoxville Cop Hit, Facing Disaster Part I, Facing Disaster Part II, Hospital Security, Tampa Massacre, Tallahassee Ambush
In the Line of Duty Volume 13
12 Installments including Amber Alert Victim and Suspect Pursuit, Groundfight at Walgreens, Robbery & Response In Neighboring Jurisdiction, Domestic Violence Response, Investigating And Prosecuting Domestic Violence, Cops and Ethics - Staying Out of Hot Water, Ft. Oglethorpe Shootout, Patrolling Terror, Dog Fighting, Ohio Officer Groundfight - Off-Duty MO Officer Kills…
Sentenced Home - The Deportation of Cambodian Americans
Like many young Cambodian Americans who arrived in the U.S. as refugees in the '80s, Loeun Lun, Many Uch and Kim Ho Ma hoped for the best. Little did they know that their destinies, guided by youthful mistakes and the unforeseeable events of 9/11, would bring them full-circle decades later:…
LGBT Rights Around the World
People around the world face violence and inequality because of who they love or who they are. In 78 countries there are laws that forbid same sex contact, often with severe punishment. These 7 short videos from Human Rights Watch highlight escalating cultures of violence and repression against LGBT individuals…