Forest Doctors (Médicos da Floresta)
Doctors Bring Healthcare to Indigenous Brazillians

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Diagnosis: Unknown - Toxic Exposure
In December of 1979, a young girl passes out on a bus in Wisconsin. She is taken to the hospital complaining of a sore throat, fever and aching muscles. Doctors believe she has the flu, until her blood pressure drops and her kidneys begin to fail. When additional women begin…
Money-Driven Medicine
Part of the Series: Health and Social Justice
Money-Driven Medicine provides the essential introduction Americans need if they are to better understand and address the unmet challenges of healthcare reform during the coming decade. Produced by Academy Award winner Alex Gibney (Taxi to the Dark Side; Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room) and inspired by Maggie Mahar's…
Diagnosis: Unknown - Taste of Poison
Reverend Dwight Moore is at death's door when he is transferred from his local hospital to Memorial Hospital in Chapel Hill. With all the expertise and technology of modern medicine at their disposal, doctors are still unable to find of the cause of Moore's symptoms, which include stomach pain, numbness,…
Everyone Counts
This is a 24 min. documentary on the misuse of prescription drugs. It is a problem that occurs in every part of society. Although studies have shown that the misuse of prescription drugs is no greater for aboriginal people than for anyone else, in some aboriginal communities the problem has…
Estradeiros - Wanderers - Modern Nomads in South America
Comparable to "traveling hippies" dressed in worn-out, garish clothes, often filthy with disheveled hair, Estradeiros (wanderers) are diverse nomadic groups in Brazil and other Latin American countries. They consider themselves borderless and travel on foot from place-to-place selling handmade crafts from the portable displays they carry everywhere they go, at…
Mbyá Reko Pyguá - Education in a Guarani Tribe
The sensibility of the Guarani people in educating its children can still be seen despite urban influences on the tribe. The film was shot entirely in Guarani language at a native tribe in Santa Catarina. It shows how their 'light' translates into simplicity and spirituality in the educational process
From Myths to Animals
Guarani myths refer to a magic time when people were animals. Their transformation include values and both human and non-human characteristics that are important to the social and cultural structure of the tribe. Through oral tradition, stories that explain the universe, spiritual and ethical principles are passed to the younger…
The Golden People Are All of Us - A Brazilian Indigenous Tribe
Inspired in a Guarani myth about the creation of the world, the film shows a magical encounter between a Tupi-Guarani tribe and an orchestra formed by young Germans visiting Brazil.
Taego āwa - An Indigenous Tribe Views Footage of their Own
Archive footage found by students in a university provided a rare testimony of a tragic encounter between Whites and Indians in 1973. The students decided to visit the tribe and show them these images, registering their reaction, their version of the story and the way they have been living since…
Diagnosis: Unknown - Deadly Spores
Canadian doctors are alarmed when a middle-aged woman dies of cryptococcal meningitis in 1999. Over the next few years, doctors see dozens of similar infections with pneumonia-like symptoms including shortness of breath, weight loss and severe headaches. Vancouver Island becomes home to the largest outbreak of the deadly fungus anywhere…
Diagnosis: Unknown - Silent Poison
When two young children in Idaho are diagnosed with food poisoning, doctors have no idea that within days the situation will get out of control, as two hundred thousand people fall ill in the country's largest case of single source food poisoning.
Medical School for Everyone - Emergency Medicine
You're a doctor 11 hours into your shift, and you've just walked into a waiting area packed with patients. There's an elderly man complaining of chest pain, a teenage girl whose arms are swollen with bee stings, and an ambulance bringing in two unresponsive kids from a car crash. What…