Georges Melies: First Wizard of Cinema Volume Five

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In The Bogie Man's Cave
La Cuisine de l'ogre : In The Bogie Man's Cave
The Good Luck Of A Souse
Il y a un dieu pour les ivrognes : The Good Luck Of A Souse
Justinian's Human Torches 548 A.D.
Les Torches humaines : Justinian's Human Torches 548 A.D.
The Genii Of Fire
Le Genie du feu : The Genii Of Fire
Why That Actor Was Late
Why That Actor Was Late : Why That Actor Was Late
Dream Of An Opium Fiend
Le Reve d'un fumeur d'opium : Dream Of An Opium Fiend
Long Distance Wireless Photography
La Photographie electrique a distance : Long Distance Wireless Photography
The Prophetess Of Thebes
La Prophetesse de Thebes : The Prophetess Of Thebes
In The Barber Shop
Salon de coiffure : In The Barber Shop
The New Lord Of The Village
Le Nouveau seigneur du village : The New Lord Of The Village
The Miser
L'avare : The Miser
Side Show Wrestlers
Le Conseil du Pipelet / un tour a la foire : Side Show Wrestlers
The Broken Violin
Lully ou le violon brise : The Broken Violin
The Woes of Roller Skates
Les Patineurs : The Woes of Roller Skates
His First Job
Amour et melasse : His First Job
The Mischances Of A Photographer
Les Mesaventures d'un photographe : The Mischances Of A Photographer
Indian Sorcerer An
Le Fakir de Singapour : Indian Sorcerer An
A Tricky Painter's Fate
A Tricky Painter's Fate : A Tricky Painter's Fate
French Cops Learning English
French interpreter policeman : French Cops Learning English
Not Guilty
Anaic ou le balafre : Not Guilty
Buncoed Stage Johnnie
Pour l'etoile S.V.P. : Buncoed Stage Johnnie
A Grandmother's Story
Conte de la grand-mere et reve de l'enfant : A Grandmother's Story
Pharmaceutical Hallucinations
Hallucinations pharmaceutiques ou le truc du potard : Pharmaceutical Hallucinations
The Good Sheperdess And The Evil Princess
La Bonne bergere et la mauvaise princesse : The Good Sheperdess And The Evil Princess
Unidentified film fragment.
The Diabolic Tenant
Le Locataire diabolique : The Diabolic Tenant
Whimsical Illusions
Les Illusions fantaisistes : Whimsical Illusions
Baron Munchausen's Dream
Les Hallucinations du Baron de Munchausen : Baron Munchausen's Dream
The Conquest Of The Pole
A la conquete du pole : The Conquest Of The Pole
The Knight Of The Snow
Le Chevalier des neiges : The Knight Of The Snow
The Voyage Of The Bourrichon Family
Le Voyage de la famille Bourrichon : The Voyage Of The Bourrichon Family
Choreographed by Petipa, Ceccetti, Ivanov (1893)/Music by B. Fitinghof-Schell. This popular ballet was based on Perrault's classic fairy tale and became the cornerstone of the growth and development of The…

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Life Is A Bed Of Roses (La vie est un roman)
Alain Resnais pays tribute to three influential French filmmakers Georges Melies, Marcel L Herbier and Eric Rohmer with this lighthearted film about happiness and the power of the imagination. Life Is a Bed of Roses is divided into three parallel narratives. The first section is set around the first decade…
Ca twiste a Poponguine (Rocking Poponguine)
Ca twiste a Poponguine is perhaps the most charming, fast-paced and accessible film in our Library of African Cinema collection. This bittersweet, coming of age story is a kind of African equivalent of George Lucas' American Graffiti, Spike Lee's Crooklyn or Godard's Masculin/Feminin. These Senegalese teenagers living it up on…
Monsieur Hire
Adapted from the book by celebrated Belgian crime novelist Georges Simenon, Monsieur Hire is a film of gorgeously muted widescreen color and"funereal beauty" (The Washington Post) that coolly unpacks sexual obsession and romantic love with an intelligence and understated intensity "so delicate that you almost hold your breath for the…
Africa Dreaming
Africa Dreaming is a landmark in African television - a series drawing together for the first time broadcasters, television producers, film directors and writers from across the continent. Africa Dreaming was designed to give Africans a rare opportunity to speak directly to each other in their own words and images.…
Keita - the Heritage of the Griot
Part of the Series: The Library of African Cinema
Keita creates a unique world where the West Africa of the 13th Century Sundjata Epic and the West Africa of today co-exist and interpenetrate. Director Dani Kouyati's frames his dramatization of the epic within the story of Mabo Keita, contemporary boy from Burkina Faso, learning the history of his family.…
Raised as brothers, intense teammates and competitors on the soccer field - the gregarious, swaggering Julio (Eliu Armas) and the wiry, focused Daniel/"Gato" (Fernando Moreno) have remained virtually inseparable ever since the newborn Daniel was found abandoned in a trash heap in their La Ceniza slum. The opportunity of their…
Café De Flore
Cafe de Flore" is a love story about people separated by time and place but connected in profound and mysterious ways. Atmospheric, fantastical, tragic and hopeful, the film chronicles the parallel fates of Jacqueline, a young mother with a disabled son in 1960s Paris, and Antoine, a recently divorced, successful…
The Sun
The final portrait in a series on the lives of dictators by Alexander Sokurov, THE SUN is a re-imagining of Emperor Hirohito's final days in power during the waning days of WWII. Hirohito wanders through his palace in a child-like state of denial. But reality soon intrudes as American soldiers…
This very unconventional coming-of-age tale is an intoxicating blend of fantasy and cold reality as it follows shy teenager's perilous period when exciting but troubling sexuality enters into his formerly innocent world. Seventeen-year-old high-schooler Pol has stubbornly extended his childhood, aided in no small measure by his opinionated, drums-playing, English-speaking…
Ubaldo Terzani Horror Show
Alessio Rinaldi, a 25-year-old director, is commissioned by a producer to write the script of his first movie with Ubaldo Terzani, a well-known horror novelist. Alessio moves into Terzani's house to start this collaboration, and a strange relationship of psychological dependence grows between them: Ubaldo Terzani unveils his dark side,…
Elza is a riveting, deeply personal story about the emotional journey of a young Parisian woman returning home to her native island of Guadeloupe. Bernadette (Mariette Monpierre) has tried hard to give her daughter everything. She is thrilled when Elza (Stana Roumillac), the first college graduate in the family, completes…
Caesar Must Die
The theater in Rome's Rebibbia Prison. A performance of Shakespeare's Julius Caesar has just ended amidst much applause. The lights dim on the actors and they become prisoners once again as they are accompanied back to their cells. SIX MONTHS EARLIER The warden and a theater director speak to the…